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***** ROTFL Review by Rox Burkey

Author Maura Beth Brennan will make you laugh and cry in the same sentence. The tale of Angie, with her loves with twists, is not unusual. The character development of both Andie and Bryce is good. Angie is hugable from start to finish. I enjoyed the arch of the story from the beginning to the surprising yet gratifying ending. 

The flair of this writing is distinctive and enjoyable. Author Brennan has a way of making me smile. It all started at the beginning.

“IT’S NOT TRUE THAT you can’t go home again. You can, although you may not always want to. I don’t mean home for the holidays or a weekend with the folks. I mean a tail-between-the-legs, yes-you-were-right, look-at-me-I-failed kind of going home. The kind that ranks right up there with root canals and Brazilian waxes. Ouch.”

I highly recommend this short story as one to make you laugh as well as introduce you to a delightful author.

About the author

The author, after early retirement, is thrilled to return to her childhood love,  writing stories. In addition to writing, she enjoys reading, watching old movies, rummaging in thrift stores, and walking in the woods . . ., if there aren’t too many bugs. Maura Beth lives in a small New Jersey town with her long-suffering husband and two bossy but adorable Cavalier Spaniels.

Maura Beth loves hearing from her fans and looks forward to their reviews.

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