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Magic Hidden, Not Lost – Review by Rox Burkey

Maeve is the beloved small-town librarian. Retiring, she finds herself missing interactions she enjoyed while working, especially with the children. People in town know her and like her. This small extract highlights the respect people have for Maeve.

Author Maura Beth Brennan starts with a terrific cover. Then with her thorough character development and the believable situations forces reader engagement on every page of this story. My favorite is Maeve, with Eddie a close second.

“Maeve heard wisps of conversation carried on the breeze as she prepared for her journey home. “Look at that,” a female voice announced in a whisper loud enough for Maeve to hear. “Rides that bike all over town, summer, winter, rain or shine, it doesn’t matter. At her age! She won’t accept a ride if you stop and offer. Even in the snow, when she can’t ride, you see how she walks to town in those old black boots? Just smiles and waves and trudges along while we all get stuck and spin our wheels on the ice.” A laugh, and then, “I know. Says she needs the exercise. But, seriously, look at her. I bet she doesn’t weigh ninety pounds. Thin as a rail. You could break one of those arms like a twig.”

She loves to host the annual Halloween party at her home for families in the community. Food and treats, coupled with storytelling, are enjoyed by all. Maeve’s preferred method of transportation is riding her bicycle. Its basket is suitable for forays for various supplies.

A store opening temps her to venture outside of her neighborhood. The series of events results in her life turning upside down. She gains a cat, forges a bond with a young man, Eddie, in high school whom she helps, and reconnects with her grandmother’s heirlooms, including the shawl woven with stardust.

I found the story charming and filled with surprises. Author Brennan weaves a tale intended to capture the reader’s imagination with magical threads. I recommend this story for teens and above who enjoy a hint of magic. 

About the Author

The author, after early retirement, is thrilled to return to her childhood love,  writing stories. In addition to writing, she enjoys reading, watching old movies, rummaging in thrift stores, and walking in the woods . . ., if there aren’t too many bugs. Maura Beth lives in a small New Jersey town with her long-suffering husband and two bossy but adorable Cavalier Spaniels.

Maura Beth loves hearing from her fans and looks forward to their reviews.

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    2 replies to "Stardust"

    • Maura Beth Brennan

      Rox, thank you so much for including two of my stories in your wonderful reviews! Love your blog and kudos to you for showing such generous attention to fellow authors. Your books and series look fabulous, with great covers and descriptions. Thanks for the mention and can’t wait to sample one of your books!! Maura Beth Brennan

      • RoxBurkey

        So grateful you stopped by Maura. Your stories tickle me. If you know anyone who likes audibles I will provide free codes in exchange for reviews. Take care!

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