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BIGFOOT: A Short Story

***** A Special Perspective                                      Review by Rox Burkey Available on Amazon Author DL Finn has a special way of storytelling that makes the outrageous believable. Is Bigfoot a legend or reality?
by RoxBurkey

Death Wears a Crimson Hat

***** You’ll Never Guess Whodunit                                      Review by Rox Burkey and Charles Breakfield Available on Amazon Author CW Hawes knows how to open a mystery with some odd ingredients. Key characters start with
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***** Unlimited Love and Tenderness                                                          Review by Rox Burkey Available on Amazon Author Eichin Chang-Lim weaves a story of college, family and community struggles set in Taipei. The main characters, Jon-Sun, the
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Macabre Sanctuary

***** Spine Tingling Storytelling                                                                    Review by Rox Burkey Available on Amazon This collection of ghoulish tales will either scare you, make you pull the sheet over your head, or keep you awake
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