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Terra’s Anthem

Tetrasphere - Book 4  **** A Special Vision----------Review by Rox Burkey Buy on Amazon Author P.T.L. Perrin creates her world through a combination of human and alien integration for a sci-fi world of
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Only Charlotte

**** Older South Tradition, Cruelty, and Mystery                       Review by Rox Burkey Get It On Amazon Author Rosemary Poole-Carter plunges listeners into the south ten years post-Civil War South in New Orleans. The
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Turn To Me

Welcome Readers. Today I have a special one day blitz featuring TURN TO ME, A Misty River Romance by Becky Wade. Don't miss this exciting Giveaway, participate today. His
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BIGFOOT: A Short Story

***** A Special Perspective                                      Review by Rox Burkey Available on Amazon Author DL Finn has a special way of storytelling that makes the outrageous believable. Is Bigfoot a legend or reality?
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