I have been involved in technology
for several decades working for
various manufacturers and
integrators. I enjoy working with
all sorts of customers to make
certain they are optimizing the
customer experience with each
interaction. I love talking to
people and learning about their
issues as well as helping them
shape solutions.

I am also the co-author of an
award-winning techno-thriller
series, The Enigma Series. Recent
years of writing and marketing
these fictional novels has exposed
me to various tools to help improve
our following around the globe. I
enjoy writing these fictional
stories and my co-author. We love
going to book signings, podcasts,
and reaching out to our readers.
The website www.enigmaseries.com
contains information about the
stories, awards, book trailers,
other fun facts. In 2017 we started
down the path of audio book
transformations which was another
learning curve. My co-author and I
have successfully won spots for
multiple short stories in various

I came across an opportunity with
John Thornhill, the brains behind
Partnership to Success. In
reviewing the contents of the
program, it not only captivated my
imagination as a different way to
be an online entrepreneur, but also
permits me to become a brilliant
digital marketeer. I find that the
lessons I am learning and applying
will change my long-range work. As
my own boss I can reach a higher
potential than I thought possible.
Best of all, this provides me with
a vehicle to not only help myself,
but also help others.

Success is working smarter with the
right tools.

Stay tuned as I grow and evolve. At
some point I feel certain you will
want to join my journey.

Rox Burkey