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Detours in Time

Book 1 of the Detours in Time series **** Imaginative time travel adventure Review



(The Wallie Chronicles – Book 1 of 3) Review by Rox Burkey Purchase on Amazon W. J. Kreeger relates a touching biography of life, from birth to fifteen, just after the end of
by RoxBurkey


***** Forever Friends                                    Review by Rox Burkey Get it on Amazon Author Wanda Adams Fischer relates a tale of one of the bleakest periods in American history. A carry over from the
by RoxBurkey

A Secret Gift

*****Love gets a chance                                              Review by Rox Burkey On Amazon Now Author Tonya Penrose weaves a fun tale of love and romance from an anonymous yet generous benefactor to Halley Bowen. All
by RoxBurkey

Open a new door

A collection of poems ***** Power Thoughts and Reflections on Life             Review by Rox Burkey On Amazon Now Authors Kim Blades and Robbie Cheadle born in Britain, living in South Africa combine efforts
by RoxBurkey

Knight Kisses

**** Love is difficult                                            Review by Rox Burkey On Amazon Now Author Athina Paris reveals the independent path of a young girl, Gabrielle, who’s life shifts on its axis with the death
by RoxBurkey