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Dead Letters

****Story   ***** Performance ****Overall Thought-Provoking Journey Review by Rox Burkey Available on Audible P. J. Murphy creates a fascinating story that explores a



(The Wallie Chronicles – Book 1 of 3) Review by Rox Burkey Purchase on Amazon W. J. Kreeger relates a touching biography of life, from birth to fifteen, just after the end of
by RoxBurkey

Bye Baby Bye

***** Emotional Turmoil Start to Finish Review by Rox Burkey Buy on Amazon Now! Kelly Marshall is a skilled storyteller who presents her stories in a straightforward and
by RoxBurkey


Scroll down for Giveaway! Shahrazad’s Gift is a collection of linked short stories set in contemporary Cairo—magical, absurd and humorous. The author focuses on the off-beat, little-known stories, far from CNN
by RoxBurkey

Cyphers & Sighs

*****Overall *****Story *****Performance Action-Packed Terrorism --- Review by Rox Burkey On Audible Glen Hellman exposes the world of cybercrime on a global level, pulling listeners into a tense international
by RoxBurkey