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***** A Cold Surprise                                                 Review by Rox Burkey

Author Maura Beth Brennan always provides a surprising story. This one is no exception. I enjoy how the characters quickly evolve in her stories, allowing me to form pictures in my mind. Even the puppy, Petal, appears in my imagination. I thought the point of view of the husband was done quite well. I was hooked early with the following exchange between the couple.

     “Iris pulled Petal’s leash out of my reach and made that soft clicking sound with her tongue, the one she makes when she’s impatient.

     “Well, here then, let me take her,” I offered.

She put her hand on my arm and pushed me back. “No. Don’t worry about it. You go make some hot chocolate, why don’t you, I’ll only be a minute. Let me take her out before the snow gets any deeper. It’s not bad yet, only a couple of inches. Anyway, I’m a little stir crazy, I’ve been working around the house all day. The fresh air will feel good.”

     She pulled her thick wool hat over her ears and gave me a quick kiss. I might have thought that odd, had I been paying closer attention.”

I immediately liked the characters and the setting. I felt the cold snow and inhaled the crisp air. This is a good story with a touch of heartache. I recommend it to those who enjoy short stories with surprising endings. This, I have learned, is one of Maura Beth’s greatest strengths. She is worth finding and following.

About the Author

After an early retirement, Maura Beth is thrilled to return to her childhood love – writing stories. She lives in a small New Jersey town with her husband, George and her dog, Ziggy. When not writing, she enjoys walking in the woods, watching old movies, visiting the Jersey shore, rummaging in thrift shops, trying craft projects (with varying degrees of success) and, of course, reading. She has studied Reiki and is a believer in positive thinking, serendipity, and second chances.

Maura Beth Brennan WOULD LOVE TO HEAR from you! Your opinions, insights, and comments are important to her. You can email her directly and she reply. Her email address is





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    3 replies to "I’ll Be Right Back"

    • Mar

      I’m so intrigued by your story, Maura Beth! It’s lovely to catch you on Rox’s site. Thank you, ladies, for sharing!

      • RoxBurkey

        Mar, I agree this story was definately a grabber for me.

      • Maura Beth Brennan

        Thanks so much for your comment, Mar!

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