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***** A poignant reflection Review by Rox Burkey

Mr. Morgan brings a perspective of hope and faith within the pages of this short story.  The journey from life to the afterlife is steeped with foundation convictions for each person and varies based on beliefs. Karl’s experiences are told in first person based on his Christian beliefs in Emannuel and the possibilities in the afterlife when individuals do their best.

He used his dogs, often considered man’s best friend, as a stepping stone to other family members, making the unknown less scary. The descriptive world Mr. Morgan created, and the easy dialogue pulls readers into the story to feel, see, smell, and taste the experiences of Karl.  The reflection on his life and relationships with others was delightfully highlighted with a jury of his peers. Executed with an outstanding surprise ending you’ll want to experience firsthand. Congrats, Mr. Morgan.

About the Author

I love science fiction and fantasy! As a normal, breathing human being, I have my own ideas about how and why we are here. I also have my views on why evil and good exist in this world. Put all of that together and I am blessed to have the chance to share my words with you, my readers.

Writing continues to be an adventure for me. Each story refines my skill and allows me to delve into different aspects of my personality and to better define my world-view. But please do not think that makes me special. We are all on our own adventures, and hopefully, each of our lives allows us to learn and grow. If you are interested in stories that will challenge how you see the universe around you, my books might be right up your alley. Expect the unexpected. I have written space operas where you can travel the universe and see how much and how little things change from planet to planet and species to species. I have and am writing crazy stories about people who somehow end up with incredible talents that can and do change the world. And believe me, the adventure has just begun.

Now I am focused on changing my preconceptions. I have never been a fan of very violent stories or movies. My new Revolution series throws that idea into the trash can. While we may live on other different political sides, I hope we can all realize that our government has too much power over us, from social media and mobile phone hacking to spying on those who disagree with them. This dystopian series takes that to its most outrageous conclusion. While violent and profane, the stories are fast-moving and packed with suspense.

If you want to see the cobwebs and dust bunnies in my head, try one of my tales. If you turn out to be as crazy as me, join the adventure! All the best!

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