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***** Unexpected Treasure —– Review by Rox Burkey

Pat Garcia delivers a short story about girlfriends who share everything about their lives. These women enjoy discussing their husbands, children, and dreams. Na-Doo, a nickname for the oldest of the group, didn’t have a forever love in her life. Her professional career keeps her busy and allows her to help children. Her background and passions are perfectly captured, including her resignation that her life dreams may go unrealized.

Daniel Incognito is a new neighbor with seven precocious boys. The youngest child makes her laugh and invites her to his house to cook. The child is irresistible to Na-Doo and his brothers’ plot to win her attention. Daniel enjoys her company perhaps more than she wants. The story is fast-paced and witty, with lines to make you smile or laugh aloud.  

Fans of short stories about strong, empowered women will enjoy this late-in-life romance. Ms. Garcia captures readers at page one with rapid page-turning until the end. I highly recommend this for your summer reading.

About the Author

A writer, singer, and musician, Pat Garcia, lives as an ExPatriate on the European Continent. She is a voracious reader of literature from all genres and loves knitting, playing chest, playing her piano and watching Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes films.

A multicultural writer, she writes stories that encapsulate Romance with a mainstream touch, a sense of suspense, and fantasy.

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