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*****A long-awaited justice —– Review by Rox Burkey

Karen Black crafted an exciting whodunit that spans decades and multiple generations. It begins with a unique character, Juan Velasquez. He was raised as a premiere tracker in the Mexican desert and broadened to the United States when he became a border agent. Over the years, he became highly sought after for finding criminals and investigating robberies. He fell in love and married. They were very in love and had a daughter, Elizabeth. After his wife was killed, he took his daughter to a remote place in Wyoming. Here, Juan crafted a secluded, secure home and taught his daughter his tracking methods; they often traveled together. Juan adopted a young man who tried to steal food and turned out to have connections with the mafia. Juan’s reputation protected him and the young man who became like a son. After his daughter and son-in-law are murdered, he hunts the culprit to protect his granddaughter, Elaina.

Ms. Black is a master at character development. Based on the role played in her stories, her unique characters are relatable, either loved or hated. The rich stories capture mystery readers’ interest from page one. Juan’s investigative career allowed for complex interconnections of people over time, which kept readers guessing as the years of the story unfolded. Every question and thread is woven into a mesmerizing tapestry, filled with love, survival, death, hope, and a tenacity for justice.

Deadly Repercussions is a non-stop action-adventure tale with breathtaking scenes, heartbreaking loss, and nail-biting moments. Fans of Karen Black’s writing will recognize her perfect timing for each piece of the conundrum to align. Readers of mystery, thrillers, and vigilant justice greedily consume the story. I highly recommend this winning tale and all the other works of Karen Black I’ve read. Outstanding!

About the Author

Writing in a variety of genres, Black’s character driven stories rarely turn out quite the way the reader would expect. The author combines imagination and experience to weave dramatic plots with believable characters in descriptive settings, whether contemporary or supernatural.

Those familiar with her prose can attest to her fascination with the paranormal. Even when it isn’t the basis of the plot, finding a touch of the supernatural in her books is not unusual. Occasionally, the reference is so subtle that the reader could miss it.

With a passion for animals, the author includes a four-legged character in most storylines, even if just a cameo appearance. Two of Black’s novels, “Race into Murder” and “Ride into Romance,” draw on her background as a racehorse owner. Her experience at the racetrack supplies realism to the setting, the races, and the characters.

Black lives in the United States with her husband and two alien creatures disguised as cats. While each furry critter is unique, one is rumored to be ET’s second cousin. The rumor, however, has not been confirmed.


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