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Author Karen Black shares a story of a recently widowed military wife, Valerie, who hasn’t really had time to process the loss of her husband.  Leaving the funeral at the home of her husband’s mother, she sets out for home. Feeling lost and terribly alone, she becomes stranded at a motel when bad weather approaches.

It is a heart-felt story of love and the sadness of loss. I think Karen describes the interactions of the characters in a realistic manner. Doreen provided so much comfort to Valerie once they escaped to the safety of the cellar. I specifically enjoyed being pulled into their simple reassuring discussion to ease the fear of the approaching storm.

“Valerie shuffled a few jars and reached for two mason jars. Each held a tapered candle stuck to the bottom with melted wax, just like the one Dorene had given her.

Valerie lit the candles, and Dorene said, “I used to help my mom can food from the garden, in the back of the motel. I always liked to see the jars lined up on the shelves.”

I recommend this story to anyone who has lost anyone, especially a spouse, and feels very alone. This story of hope may help someone move forward in their life.

About the Author

Karen Black lives in the eastern United States, with her husband and a variety of critters, wild and domestic. Hobbies include herb gardening, wildlife watching and wine making, though all are put on hold when she’s caught up in a story. With a lifelong affection for animals, a fascination with the supernatural and a background in criminal justice, the author draws on experience, as well as imagination to create stories that are believable, unique and entertaining. Expect the unexpected.

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