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**** Realistic Terror                                  Review by Rox Burkey

Author Karen Black introduces the readers to Yvonne as she is running for her life from an unknown assailant. Yvonne’s terror was palpable in the sounds, smells, and sights as she seeks safety. I cheered her strength and determination immediately invested in her survival. The supporting characterization of Elektra helps ground Yvonne in her journey.

Author Black flushes out her characters and story situation immediately with her superb word choice as she moves the story forward. One gets an immediate sense of realism as exampled by this excerpt. 

“Yvonne held her breath. The hunter stopped just ten feet from the old sycamore tree where she pressed her body against the trunk. A raccoon darted across the trail. The sound of the scampering creature drew the hunter’s attention. He pulled an arrow from his quiver as he looked toward it, but he saw it was not her, and replaced the arrow. Then he turned and strode back in the direction from which he had come. When he was out of sight, Yvonne inched her body to the opposite side…”

The shifts in this story from dreams to reality are excellent and surprising. It is not easy to keep readers engaged when telling this type of story, but Karen delivers. I highly recommend this short story and others Author Karen Black writes. It is a fun, exciting, heart-thumping read.  

About the Author

A former professional dog trainer and thoroughbred race horse owner, the author has a degree in Criminal Justice, and a fascination with the supernatural. She draws from experience and imagination to create stories that are usually within the realm of possibility, but never turn out quite the way you would expect. Most of them have a four-legged character and many include a touch of the paranormal.

Although she writes year around, the author does most of her work in the winter. She devotes spring to planting seeds and nurturing herb plants for the garden. Summer is for gardening and watching the birds that migrate from the south. During the fall, she spends time simply enjoying the weather, but throughout the winter, a computer is her primary companion.

Black lives in the United States with her husband, and two alien creatures disguised as cats. Each of the furry critters is unique, but one is rumored to be ET’s second cousin. The rumor has not been confirmed.

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