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***** Incredible Suspense                        ——–               by Rox Burkey

The incomparable author, Karen Black, takes her readers on an unbelievable journey of love, hate, and death. From the opening scene, Julie’s character development is detailed and compelling. She is a strong woman committed to her beliefs without considering any consequences. The economy of words designed to stir the reader’s imagination is fantastic. This small sampling below will paint the picture leveraging all the senses at the beginning of non-stop action.

It was a brief walk to the creek where she dropped the quilt on the bank. Her underwear substituted for a washcloth to scrub the blood from her body, and to clean the antique dagger which had served her well. She loved the sound of the water gurgling over the rocks, and enjoyed the moon’s reflection, as she watched the stream turn red, then pink, and finally clear. Free from blood, she allowed the blanket to fall into the stream.

As one starts, this short story delivers twists and shifts that will take you by surprise and make you gasp as you turn the page. There was no way this book would wait for two sessions to complete. I was grateful nothing was on the stove that needed monitoring. If you like thrills and surprises, Vindictive Angel delivers right up to the last page. I never saw it coming. Let me know if you do. Another winner, Karen, thank you.

About the Author

With a degree in Criminal Justice, and a fascination with the supernatural, the author draws from experience and imagination to create stories that are usually within the realm of possibility, but never turn out quite the way you would expect. Karen Black lives in the United States with her husband and two alien creatures disguised as cats. Though both delightful, one is rumored to be ET’s second cousin. The rumor has not been confirmed.

Publications: Vindictive Angel, Race into Murder, Mountain Justice, Long Stories Short, A Candle in the Darkness, The Hunted, Treacherous Love, and Close Your Eyes and They’re Gone

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    • Jan Sikes

      This sounds like a chilling read! Thanks for sharing, Rox, and congrats to Karen!

      • RoxBurkey

        It is so surprising. Karen does it to perfection. thank you for stopping in, Jan.

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