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***** Cheers for Say What —- Review by Rox Burkey

Lisa Towles intensifies the story with middle-of-the-night gunshots, introducing readers to Angus Mariner. He is a former FBI agent who lost his wife in an accident. Angus, highly skilled as an investigator, becomes a person of interest in the deaths of two unfamiliar men. One of the men gave him the keys to his helicopter just hours before his body was found. The local police seek answers but fail to ask all the necessary questions. Angus finds support from his close friend Rudy, who served with him in the Air Force. Rudy offers Angus a safe place to recuperate from his loss, as only a fellow service member can.

The action in this book is nonstop and accompanied by rich character development and terrific world-building, set in Half Moon Bay, California. The realistic dialogue adds believability to the story. Angus Mariner, the narrator, seems to have forces aligned against him. His logical deduction, sense of justice, and extreme loyalty bring out his cutthroat tenacity as he follows the clues to find the truth. Angus’s half-sister Elaine has secrets in her life that she’s trying to escape, yet she would do anything for her brother. The trails Angus follows take him back to his early years with the bureau, raising unanswerable questions.

Angus connects with investigative podcaster journalist Michael Wise, who wants to expose an unimaginable evil network. Lisa Towles delivers a psychological thriller of epic proportions involving secret medical advancements in brainwashing. In this exceptional thriller, they develop a bond that progresses from doubt to a partnership against terror. Fans of high-caliber thrillers will need a comfortable chair to read this in one sitting. “Codex” is just that good.


Lisa Towles is an Amazon bestselling and award-winning crime novelist, and a

passionate speaker on the topics of fiction writing, creativity, and self-care. She

has twelve crime thrillers in print with a new thriller, Specimen, forthcoming in

December of 2024. Her 2023 thriller, Terror Bay, won a NYC Big Book Award,

Literary Titan Award, and is a Crimson Quill Awardee from Book Viral. Her

2022 thriller Salt Island won five literary awards and is the second book in her

E&A Investigations Series. Lisa’s deep commitment to helping other authors led

her to develop her Author Spotlight blog and her new YouTube author interview

series, Story Impact, which gives authors a powerful medium for promoting

themselves as speakers and discussing the meaning and impact of their books to

readers. Lisa has an MBA in IT Management, is a communications and marketing

advisor, and is a member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and

International Thriller Writers.

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