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***** A Griping Mystery —– Review by Rox Burkey

Richard Schwindt adds his unique brand of psychological thriller entwined within the framework of the small town of Magnolia Bluff, Texas. Someone is killing psychologists, and Dr. Kurelek, a local university professor, may hold the key. The players in this mystery are relatable and fallible, displaying emotions through actions and dialogue. Layers of hidden secrets, lies, promises, cover-ups, and threats are revealed as the story progresses.

Michael Kurelek is unexpectedly visited by his father, making him rethink his family, friends, and coworkers. Relationships for Michael are complex and not taken for granted. The murdered man in the field the next day sets off a chain of events with increasing intensity to many in the town. Dr. Kurelk tells the story in first person and explores his thoughts and insights into victims and suspects as he assists with the investigation by Detective Reece Sovern. The dialogue is bold and exacting, with splashes of humor and emotion. 

Mr. Schwindt entices readers with enough information to pull them into this story and weave a tale one must finish. Why did his father return? Who is lying? Who is to blame? Who is next? These questions begin on page one and continue to tease the reader until the final surprising conclusion. Readers won’t want to miss Men Lying in a Field or any other Magnolia Buff Crime Chronicles stories. Each one is a standalone mystery, and this one is outstanding.

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I am a social worker and therapist in Kingston, Ontario, writing fiction and self-help. My work is funny, provocative, and meant to entertain or provide practical help when you need it. I’ve been short listed twice in the International 3 Day Novel Contest. I won the outstanding book (self help) and Book of the Year (3rd) in the 2016 Independent Authors Network Book of the Year Awards for Emotional Recovery from Congenital Heart Disease. Find out more at the website.

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