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Author Richard Schwindt has intriguing creativity that allows for the fun, outrageous memoir any of us would enjoy reliving. Richard’s do-over life is delightfully different yet references things from the transforming sixties and seventies. The times with love, peace, and psychedelic induced ideas.

When you have the ability to live life three times, under different constraints, is too delicious a concept not just to sit back and enjoy. The emotional upheaval and lessons learned will come from your take on serious, humorous, and insights revealed in this entertaining book. The quirkiness grabbed my attention from the beginning and just kept going. I found this section particularly humanizing.

“Okay, I have an hour.

There’s nothing in my stomach but I want to throw up. This has happened before but it’s also very different.

It’s March 25th, 2019. Time hasn’t changed, but…

 I go into the bathroom and stand in front of the mirror. I have to pee; I’m hungry, undressed except for the shorts and…

I’m a girl.

This happened before but it was nothing like this.”

Adults are the target market of this fiction. It’s ideal for those who have lived long enough to know the rear-view mirror of life is 20/20. If I ever took myself too seriously, this book changes that for me forever. Life changes for many reasons. You will think about that a lot after reading Fifty-Seven Years and Fifty-Seven More.

About the Author:

Author Richard Schwindt

I am a social worker and therapist in Kingston, Ontario, writing fiction and self-help. My work is funny, provocative, and meant to entertain or provide practical help when you need it. I’ve been short listed twice in the International 3 Day Novel Contest. I won the outstanding book (self help) and Book of the Year (3rd) in the 2016 Independent Authors Network Book of the Year Awards for Emotional Recovery from Congenital Heart Disease





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    2 replies to "Fifty-Seven Years and Fifty-Seven More"

    • Kelly Marshall

      I, too, enjoyed Richard Schwindt’s book immensely. It is most unusual and engaging. I found myself eager to get back to the book daily until it was done.

      • RoxBurkey

        It made me think!

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