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***** Unbelieveable Trail of Possibilities Review by Rox Burkey

Author Richard Schwindt creates a unique, inventive story of Brenda Martin. Who is she? Is she missing, and from when? The rich cast of characters tells the story. Richard provides a helpful guide to his multiple storytellers.  Chris Allard, investigator and social worker searches for answers regarding Brenda’s whereabouts.

Richard expertly uses emails, letters, phone calls, and discrete face-to-face discussions from his character arsenal to take readers along the route of plots and subplots that break the traditional knowledge of reality, thrusting the reader into a paranormal quagmire of suspense.

The letter from Stacy Trout to Dr. Milton Erickson subtly sets the reader up for mind-boggling mystery and suspense for the who, what, where, when, and how.

May 17th, 1959

To: Dr. Milton Erickson Phoenix, Arizona Dear Milton;

Thank you again for seeing me on short notice. You have been treating my family for a long time, and I want you to know how much it is appreciated. And, since I created this mess, and I will fix it.

Love, Stacey Trout

Ps I picked you up Sushi from Chua, Tokyo, made by Jiro Ono five minutes ago in 2011. He owed me a favor. It will appear on your dinner table in eight minutes after this letter arrives.

As a reader, you are drawn into the story and will find yourself up to your eyeballs, overhearing every exchange in multiple dimensions. Your heartbeat increases as you know some malevolence is lurking around the next communication exchange. These twists are unanticipated and leave you thinking long after you turn the last page.

The Death of Brenda Martin is my second book by Richard Schwindt—I am a fan. I highly recommend this story to those who like their toes curled while their mind begins to question the definition of sanity. Richard’s characters will drive you right to the thrilling ending that will keep you awake at night or rush into your nightmares.

About the Author

I am a social worker and therapist in Kingston, Ontario, writing fiction and self-help. My work is funny, provocative, and meant to entertain or provide practical help when you need it.

I’ve been short listed twice in the International 3 Day Novel Contest. I won the outstanding book (self-help) and Book of the Year (3rd) in the 2016 Independent Authors Network Book of the Year Awards for Emotional Recovery from Congenital Heart Disease.


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