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***** Friendship and Family Reimagined —- Review by Rox Burkey

Rob and Joan Carter deliver a nonstop, heart-thumping paranormal murder mystery in the quaint town of Magnolia Bluff, Texas. The Donovan family purchased a long-abandoned, rundown four-story Victorian-era mansion. The couple painstakingly renovated the structure, built in 1897 by successful businessman Bertram Farnsworth. Until Danny and Marie Donavan bought it, the mammoth home remained in possession of multiple generations of the Farnsworth family. The beautiful facelift to the estate and family living activities included unexplained odd incidents, including bumps in the night, which frightened the two children.

The main characters, Mike and Maureen Donavan, Danny and Marie’s cousins, are both investigators and relatable individuals. They are associated with Tampa Bay Spirts’ paranormal investigation team and portrayed as a fun, well-educated couple with easy banter between themselves and others. Their visit coincides with the Bluebonnet Festival, a delightful event described in fabulous detail, including sampling Olivia’s pizza. Mike and Maureen, with their genuine curiosity, do their best to learn about the history of the estate while meeting and speaking with several of the townspeople. Harry and Em, fresh newlyweds, and Flower’s owner, Lily, rent the Daffodil room to the visitors, to name a few. Even a love mystery book, Dead is Forever, is picked up to read while the couple is in town.

From their first visit to the house, Mike and Maureen realize this may be one of their biggest investigative challenges. They commit to investigating the odd occurrences while the family spends a week at Six Flags Over Texas. Mike’s premonition of someone in Magnolia Bluff targeted for murder adds a layer of tension on top of Maureen’s sensitivity to spirits in the mansion. Realistic, detailed descriptions of the tools used during paranormal investigations come from the Author’s experiences as a part of the Tampa Bay Spirits team. These details ramp up the tension and excitement as they follow the mysterious events from decades before the property was abandoned.

Fans of paranormal, ghost suspense, and unexplained mysteries will enjoy A Chance of a Ghost as a non-stop, page-turning, thrilling story. You’ll never guess who won’t make it out alive. This standalone story is book 23 of the Magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicles. If this is your first visit to the unequaled small town, you will undoubtedly enjoy the fabulous stories of the other Underground Authors. Each one will share more tales and mysteries of the endearing residents and visitors in Magnolia Bluff.

About the Authors

RC & JP Carter (Chris & Joan to their friends) have been married for over forty years. They have five daughters, one son and thirteen grandchildren. Chris, now retired,  has been a full time air traffic controller for the last 29 years. Both Chris and Joan were also actively involved in Christian ministry for 20 years before retiring. 

During their ministry they wrote many plays and skits. They took a troop of performers throughout southern California performing in churches and dinner theaters. Since they had a large family many of their vacations were full of adventure and misadventure. When they would return home from a vacation they would regale people with stories of their travels. People constantly told them “you should write a book”. Now many years, later they decided to do just that.

Their first three novels, The O’Rourke Series, are mysteries. These books have both strong male and female characters. In this series of books old school detectives solve hi-tech crime. The O’Rourke team are diligent, loyal, fearless, honest and hard-working people. They are the stuff America is made of.

Book four of the O’Rourke Series is currently on the drawing board. In the works is a children’s book that teaches the value of friendship.  Also they have started a paranormal book about many of their cases. They are researching the Phoenician Era during the time Jezebel was born which will eventually become a book. At some point they do plan to write a book about their family adventures because frankly…. truth is really stranger than fiction.

It seems there are stories everywhere!

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    • Jan Sikes

      This book sounds like my cup of tea, Rox! Thank you for sharing and congrats to these authors. I’m off to check it out!

      • RoxBurkey

        Hi Jan, thank you for visiting and commenting. You would love it.

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