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Book 24 in the Magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicles

***** Rooting for Diablo —— Review by Rox Burkey

Readers will be drawn into the camaraderie of Cindy Davis’s gripping story, featuring intuitive detective Bliss Jager, a toucan, and murder. In “Courtin’ Disaster,” Bliss Jager and her friends Hannah and Whitney form a tight-knit group, always supporting each other. Together with Chief Jager, they embark on a journey to solve the mysteries, even with the help of the toucan Diablo, who provides essential but obscure clues.

Two men got into a fight before the big fishing tournament at the Burnet Reservoir even began. The only woman in the fishing tournament, Lucy, was discovered dead. Then Bennett was found dead a short time later. Now, Bliss and her roommates want to help find the cause of death, especially when the cause of death is the same for both Lucy and Bennett. They also want to find out how these two people are connected. Chief Jager knows how intuitive and resourceful they can be, so he gives them information.

Ms. Davis’s meticulous attention to detail brings every scene to life, painting a vivid picture that immerses readers in the story. The dialogue is not just banter but a delightful, realistic exchange that propels the story forward. With her unique narrative style, Bliss unravels the mystery by methodically pulling on each thread, much like searching for the ends of noodles in a plate of spaghetti, all in a bid to tie the pieces together.

Follow along as Bliss and her friends attempt to solve the most recent Magnolia Bluff murders. Fans of cozy mysteries with a paranormal twist will love Courtin’ Disaster, the twenty-fourth book in the Magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicles series. While each book in the series stands alone, reading them all is highly recommended. You’ll become enchanted with the town, its characters, and each author.

About the Author

Cindy is best known for her murder mysteries and romantic suspense, many of which were set in her home state of New Hampshire. And have achieved considerable success. Now, a transplant to Florida, Cindy has found herself changing not only place of origin but also genre since her latest work is a New Age fiction penned with her husband Rick

She is an award winning freelance editor who’s worked in both fiction and nonfiction with over a thousand authors.

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    10 replies to "Courtin’ Disaster"

    • Jan Sikes

      This sounds like another fun book in the Magnolia series. Thank you for sharing, Rox. Gotta love a good mystery!

      • RoxBurkey

        Hi Jan, always a delight when you pop in. It is a fun story with surprises. See you soon I hope.

    • Joe Congel

      Wonderful review, Rox. Looking forward to reading Courtin’ Disaster. Magnolia Bluff is such a quaint little town… except for all the mystery, murder, and mayhem! Love this series! 🙂

      • RoxBurkey

        Hi Joe, great to see you. Authors like Cindy make it special. Happy Father’s Day.

    • James Callan

      I’vwe read some Ms. Davis books and have never been disappointed. This sounds like another winner. And having read many Magnolia Bluff books, what a great combination Courtin’ Disaster should be. I look forward to reading it. Thanks for highlighting it. I’m off to Amazon to get my copy.

      • RoxBurkey

        Hi Jim, Great to see you. Happy Father’s Day. Hope to see you later this year. It is fun.

    • April Nunn Coker

      Can’t wait to read more adventures of Bliss and her toucan!

      • RoxBurkey

        Glad you stopped by. Hope you read Breakfield and Burkey’s email today.

    • Cindy Davis

      Hey Rox! Thanks so much for the great review. I’m thrilled the characters–and the toucan–speak to you. I’m just back from Mexico where I got great pics of a real-life Diablo. Sad though, he didn’t bring clues to any mysteries.

      • RoxBurkey

        Hi Cindy another great story by you. Thank you for stopping by. I will hunt for pics on Facebook.

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