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*****  Love Out in the Open                                             Review by Rox Burkey

Author Pat Garcia creates a compelling short story in her first book release! Della Cartwright is an ideal, believable character who finds herself in the middle of a strange situation born of loneliness and a chance at a relationship without the usual ties.

Her boss, Macey Bergstein, is committed to helping Della, who she respects as a contributor in the Foreign Exchange Settlement department. However, Macey does question the circumstances and naivety of the anonymous bank deposits.   

“Yesterday evening,” Della muttered softly, her head bowed. “I haven’t looked at my monthly statements for nearly a year, and I thought I’d filed them in my banking notebook. One of the sheets fell on the floor, and when I picked it up, I casually glanced at the balance and almost fainted. Then, I looked at the statement that belonged to the month before and the one after, and it’s clear the balance has been creeping upward. To make a long story short, each month, the money in my bank account increased, sometimes drastically, and I had no idea.”

“I’m speechless,” Macey said, eyeing Della’s trembling hands. “Are you cold?” “

No, just tired.”

“Listen, your work is more than exceptional. I depend on you, and you’re closer to me than my own family.”

For over a year, the man whose name she doesn’t know, face she has not seen, yet a simple news clip helps her realize who he is by trade. In trying to identify him, she understands what the last 365 days and weekly dinners from a distance have meant to her soul. Putting a name and face with those compelling eyes will change her life.

This is a well-written imaginative yet realistic story with compelling characters, setting, dialogue, and emotions. I can highly recommend this read and cannot wait for the next book by Author Pat Garcia.

About the Author

Pat Garcia can’t remember a day when she didn’t desire to write. At the age of three, Pat wrote her first story. No one could understand it because she hadn’t learned to write. So, she read the scribble on her paper to whoever would listen.

Born in Blythe, Georgia, (USA), she is also a musician, singer, and songwriter and has released five CDs.

A member of the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB (RRBC), Pat is a proud new member of RWISA (Rave Writers International Society of Authors).








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    2 replies to "Turn The Light On"

    • Jan Sikes

      This story from Pat enthralled me from beginning to end. The idea that Della would have a tryst with this man for over a year without ever speaking a word or touching is unique and enticing. I loved the story and agree with your review! Thanks for sharing, Rox!

      • RoxBurkey

        Jan, you can come visit anytime. I thought it was a unique twist.

        Take care.

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