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***** Magical   –  Review By Rox Burkey

Author WJ Scott creates a fabulous middle-grade book that will appeal to anyone who enjoys fantasy. As book one in the series, Tails invites readers to learn about the inhabitants of the Sacred Platea. Akule and his pack of silvertails are fearful when they discover hunters are searching for their kind’s tails for the wizard rewards. Kywah lost his tail, and thus his magic, to Samsa, the hunter last summer. Without the tail, Kywah’s passage to adulthood is lost. Kywah volunteers to retrieve the deep magic because the hunters won’t be interested in chasing him since his tail is gone. 

The author weaves an action-packed adventure with magic, danger, hopes, trust, and family commitment. The characters each have distinctive personalities that will keep readers engaged, especially the young ones. The graphics scattered throughout are delightful and fun. Finding out if Kywah will succeed in retrieving the deep magic from the Wise One will keep pages turning. Rotarn, the Wise One, offers insightful words of wisdom that are profoundly spiritual.  

Kywah and Rotarn’s exchanges teach a bit of patience to the young and inexperienced.  

“Please hurry. Tell me how I get the magic to take back to Akule. The hunters could be heading there now.”

“Through the generations many silvertails have failed in their quest and the deep magic has claimed their lives. This is not something attempted lightly. I’m surprised your pack sent one so young.”

My phantom tail throbbed. “I will do whatever task is required to save my pack. What are we waiting for?”

Rotarn blinked like a sleepy owl. “Deep magic keeps its own schedule, not mine, not yours. It takes time to build. You won’t be leaving until the magic decides you are worthy. Your lacerations will need to heal before we can begin, or the process could kill you.”

I wanted to shake him. I hadn’t escaped the hunters to only to end up sitting around.”

I enjoyed the vivid descriptions, exciting adventure, and inspiring themes contained in this book. Young readers will turn the pages to find out what happens next. Older readers will beg for more of these magnificent creatures and challenging journeys. Wendy Jayne Scott delivers an unforgettable story that will grab hold of each reader’s heart.

About the Author

Wendy Jayne (Scott) is a RWISA Author who writes in many genres. Wendy Scott has a New Zealand Certificate in Science (Chemistry), which allows her to dabble with fuming potions and strange substances, satisfying her inner witch. Wendy writes fantasy and children’s novels. One of the creeds she lives by is to always – Live a life less ordinary!

Gold Medal Winner: The Wishing Shelf Book Awards UK 2015 Silver Medal Winner: International Readers’ Favorite Book Awards 2016

Blue Treat Award: RRBC KCT International

Literary Book Awards 2017 & 2018

 Finalist: The Wishing Shelf Book Awards UK 2016, 2017, & 2018

Gold Quality Marks: BooksGoSocial

2017 Finalist: Book Excellence Awards 2018

Nominee: Top Shelf Book Awards 2019

Please visit her website to learn more, read Wendy’s blog, sign up for her newsletter, or to leave her a message. She loves hearing from readers. Pen Names Fantasy ~ Wendy Scott Children’s ~ WJ Scott Other (Romance/Paranormal) ~ Wendy Jayne


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    2 replies to "Tails (Silver Wishes Book 1)"

    • Wendy Scott

      Thanks so much – what a delightful review, I’m so pleased ‘Tails’ resounded with you – I wrote this story from the heart for my son, so we could read it together at bedtime.

      • RoxBurkey

        A fun story. I also sent a copy to my grands.

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