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Author Scott portrays the lives of two brothers, Brody and Tom, as they are sent to live with an aunt, who is nearly a stranger. Early in the story the focus on family and desperateness was driven home to me.

“Sal, I need you to listen. I’m sending my boys to you.” His mother’s tone rose a notch. “Don’t interrupt me. No, I can’t come with them and I don’t know how long they’ll need to stay. You are the only kin they have; and before you start again on your I-told-you-so lecture, let me say, yes, you were right. Declan Riker was a no-good-loser who run off with a bar-floosy, leaving me to raise two young ones on my own. These boys are the best things in my life, and I would willingly suffer through all that heartache again so I could be their mother. I get that you need a reclusive lifestyle for your painting, but I’m calling on you to step up and be my big sister. Their plane tickets are booked so you better be there at 4 pm tomorrow to pick them up.”

His mom had slammed the receiver down before Aunt Sally could reply. A sick sensation similar to when he’d ridden the carnival flying chairs after gobbling three bags of cotton candy, stewed in his lower belly.“

Vivid descriptions are painted with the word choice and even flow of the story. The character development was concise and realistic for the boys and their reclusive aunt. But my heart was one with Marley as he exposed the boys to the mystery on Tucker’s Mountain. It is a story that will resonate with pre-teens who need to fall in love with reading and storytelling.

Not only do I highly recommend this story, but I think It is one I will return to now and again to remember what being a kid is like-sweet and full of wishes.

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About the Author:

Wendy Scott has a New Zealand Certificate in Science (Chemistry), which allows her to dabble with fuming potions and strange substances, satisfying her inner witch. Wendy writes fantasy and children’s novels. One of the creeds she lives by is to always – Live a life less ordinary!

  • Gold Medal Winner: The Wishing Shelf Book Awards UK 2015
  • Silver Medal Winner: International Readers’ Favorite Book Awards 2016
  • Blue Treat Award: RRBC KCT International Literary Book Awards 2017 & 2018
  • Finalist: The Wishing Shelf Book Awards UK 2016, 2017, & 2018 Gold Quality Marks:
  • BooksGoSocial 2017 Finalist: Book Excellence Awards 2018
  • Nominee: Top Shelf Book Awards 2019

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