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Wendy Jayne delivers a fun short story of a woman who wants to shine at an upcoming wedding. One of the guests is the brother of the bride, Alex. In Pippa’s mind this man, whom she has not seen in years, was destined to be hers. Time, however. has rounded her figure. She wants fit into a smaller size, which she bought as an incentive to help her gain his attention.

Pippa’s weight loss journey is supported by her friend, Simone. The various weight loss options she tries made me laugh aloud. Her struggle is totally realistic. I really enjoyed how Simone tries to help her friend by finding different things for Pippa to try, including this concoction discussed below. Only a true friend could offer this type of solution.

 “I stirred the red pulp in the bowl. “Stewed tomatoes taste awful.”

“You’ll dislike having to wedge yourself into your sheath dress even more if you don’t downsize. With less than two weeks until W-day it’s time for desperate measures.” She pointed to Alex’s picture I’d pinned on the fridge. “Or don’t you care anymore? Just give me the nod, and I’ll order in a couple of super-sized pizzas, large chips, and chocolate caramel thick shakes. I have a pink duvet cover that could convert into a tent dress.”

Behind her back I mouthed, “I hate you right now,” before plunging the spoon into her tomato stew. The sprinkling of spices did little to improve its bland taste. It had the consistency of snot.

Simone opened my pantry door and began unloading all my groceries into bags, before raiding my fridge.

“Why are you robbing me?”

The primary characters, Pippa and Simone, are well-developed.  I could easily relate to this story and I suspect other women will feel the same. I recommend this story for its interesting approach to a problem many women face as well as the witty conversations between the characters. Definitely an entertaining read in a compact delivery mode.  Well done!

About the Author

Wendy Jayne (Scott) is a RWISA Author who writes in many genres. Wendy Scott has a New Zealand Certificate in Science (Chemistry), which allows her to dabble with fuming potions and strange substances, satisfying her inner witch. Wendy writes fantasy and children’s novels. One of the creeds she lives by is to always – Live a life less ordinary!

Gold Medal Winner: The Wishing Shelf Book Awards UK 2015 Silver Medal Winner: International Readers’ Favorite Book Awards 2016

Blue Treat Award: RRBC KCT International Literary Book Awards 2017 & 2018

 Finalist: The Wishing Shelf Book Awards UK 2016, 2017, & 2018

Gold Quality Marks: BooksGoSocial

2017 Finalist: Book Excellence Awards 2018

Nominee: Top Shelf Book Awards 2019 Please visit her website to learn more, read Wendy’s blog, sign up for her newsletter, or to leave her a message. She loves hearing from readers. Pen Names Fantasy ~ Wendy Scott Children’s ~ WJ Scott Other (Romance/Paranormal) ~ Wendy Jayne

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    • Wendy Scott

      Thanks for this lovely review, Rox, very much appreciated.

      • Rox Burkey

        Well done, Wendy. I’m still chuckling. Superb!

    • Yvette M Calleiro

      Great review! I also loved the story. I couldn’t stop laughing. 🙂

      • RoxBurkey


      • Wendy Scott

        Thanks, Yvette – congrats on the ‘100’ club!!!!

        • RoxBurkey

          Yay Yvette!

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