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**** Painfully Hilarious Experience —– Review by Rox Burkey

G.S. Gerry creates a funny, tongue-in-cheek family journey in selling and buying a house. Anything that can go wrong will, period. This satire has a family who can’t seem to catch a break with finances, spending, family, or relaxing. At times it felt like a moving target followed the family, their home, and everything in between, yet endless possibilities kept moving them toward their goal. The crazy words and hidden messages ranged from hysterically funny to wow, no kidding. Absurd roadblocks have the family under investigation, fighting lawsuits and making enemies of their few friends.

Mr. Gerry spared no sacred areas of privacy, sugarcoating, or family discretion. The narration by Jacob Reece was a mix of sounds, drawn-out words, and pregnant pauses. There were absurd scenarios to make listeners laugh aloud or bent on guessing the following line before delivery. There were no issues with the audiobook quality, though it became tedious in a few places.

This creative tale of woe gives listeners surprise, shock, laughs, sobering thoughts of family strife, and no reason to escape before the unforgettable, unique experience ends. I recommend this to those who want to recall lines to laugh about for months.

About the Author

Mastering Experiences Through Humor and Writing wrongs along the way. Leveraging a visionary approach to laughter and life, and helping others laugh your way to a better today.

Grake Den has engineered a uniquely hilarious concept geared towards entertaining those on the lookout for that one truly unique experience.

Grab negativity by the balls and infuse positivity and laughter into your life. Be so focused on the positive that negativity has no room for growth. In other words: be so busy counting your blessings, that thoughts of doom and gloom are drowned out.

We believe every day presents a unique opportunity to laugh your way to a better today and transform life’s situations into laughable memories!

G. S. Gerry is all about helping others EMBRACE life’s adversity and laugh your way to a better today!

Bridging comedy and originality with outlandish creations, Gerry leaves no stone unturned in his quest to poke fun at…ALL THE THINGS.

No topic is off-limits and any situation is an opportunity for an unexpected comedic journey.

G. S. Gerry’s creations offer an escape from life’s harsh realities and provides a hilarious, yet simple perspective in turning lemons into lemonade. Constructing a world where the unbelievable seems made up and yet, oddly relatable.

Don’t let life get you down, Quit Meth’in Around and turn that frown upside down.

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