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*****Overall *****Story *****Performance Action-Packed Terrorism — Review by Rox Burkey

Glen Hellman exposes the world of cybercrime on a global level, pulling listeners into a tense international thriller. Each location, from the bars to the conference rooms to the CIA war rooms and bustling city streets of major foreign locations, becomes vivid and immersive with rich, vivid language. Distinctive characters masterfully interact in realistic ways, and poignant dialogue evokes emotions and sensations with each heart-stopping plot twist.

Ryan, a head sales leader for a global security program manufacturer, travels to work with his in-country teams worldwide to ensure optimum sales of their latest cyber-security program. Ryan is committed to his company, which has strained his marriage, yet his daughter remains at the top of his mind.  The trainer, recently hired to increase the team’s sales proficiency, is intelligent, beautiful, and an enigma. The shift in their relationship sets off unpredictable events threatening lives and the balance of world power.

Mr. Hellman’s understanding of high-end protection for hire and deep knowledge of the high-tech cyber-centric world adds significant realism to the story. The story ramps at a breakneck speed, with touches of emotion, love, and regret fueled by rampant deceit to a stunning end.

Scott Flemming delivers a flawless, emotion-filled narration. Each character’s voice is perfectly believable. The tone and pace of the story are perfect for a nonstop listen. Fans of technology and action-packed thrillers will stay engaged from start to finish. Don’t miss this outstanding story.

About the Author

Glen Hellman’s career began in 1978 when he joined an early-stage technology startup called Lexitron. Since then, he’s been a member of many startup teams in sales, marketing, and product management, and as a senior executive, board member, and investor. Many of those companies failed, and a few, a very few, were wildly successful. Throughout his career, he’s been an active observer of failures and successes.

Today, Hellman is a member of the faculty of the University of Maryland, where he instructs Ph.D. researchers from Carnegie Mellon, Penn State, University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins, University of Maryland, Howard University, George Washington University, Virginia Tech, Hampton University, University of North Carolina and NC State, in a National Science Foundation program designed to unleash innovative technology developed in federally funded labs, into commercial use.

In addition, Hellman is an executive leadership coach, working with CEOs and executive leadership teams in one-on-one coaching or peer groups. He helps these leaders figure out what to do and motivates them to do it.

More Information on Hellman can be found here:

About the Narrator

I am an experienced actor, voice actor, musician and composer with over 25 years experience in the Performing Arts having worked in London’s West End playing leading roles as well as numerous touring productions.

I have also been a professional singing teacher, voice and acting coach since 2005. My passion for the Arts began here in Cornwall, UK, where I was born and raised. I am now based in Truro, Cornwall, having moved back here from London 15 years ago.

During my time as a professional tutor, I have helped many pupils and students resident in Cornwall and across the UK to achieve their goals in the Performing Arts and a wide range of related professions. I recently launched the Scott Fleming Voice Academy to expand my tuition online and help continue to offer technique and guidance to Performing Arts students and professionals working in the industry, here in Cornwall and internationally.

I continue to work in the industry as a screen and theatre actor as well as a voice over artist in commercials and audiobooks. I’m also a composer and have a number of songs published in Europe and the US, being submitted to artists and for sync opportunities.

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