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A Rock Cobbler Case – Audiobook Review by Rox Burkey – ***** Crimes Get Solved With Clowns

Whiskey Leavins weaves an intriguing mystery in the Rock Cobbler case to solve clown murders. Clowning certainly works the humorous side of the listener, but the threads of mystery and suspense are superb from start to finish.

The character of Rock Cobbler is detailed enough that he feels like the guy you want to hug. The personality is defined, one layer at a time, with honest statements about how this winning detective arrived at this point in life. He admits nothing, denies everything, and masterfully creates counter-accusations.

Combining clown lore, reality, history, and education is masterfully combined in this crime fiction. The community and Clown University descriptions are humorous and keep this listener wanting more. Learning about clown history made this tale fascinating. The clown characters were unique and delightfully identifiable. The adult content delivered wit, humor, and outrageous imagery even amid murder, mayhem, and deceit.

Duffy P. Weber’s voice acting was flawless to the point of perfection. The delightfully unique character voices got delivered with no issues or inconsistencies to interrupt the immersive delivery. As a listener, I would follow this narrator to any story in the thriller genre. The combination of Leavins and Weber rates five stars (though that isn’t enough)—well done.

About the Author

Whiskey Leavins has lived a nomadic life. For him, the simple question, “Where are you from?” is way harder to answer than it should be. He has lived in multiple cities and states north and south of the Rio Bravo — east and west of the Mississippi. But now he loves life in Santa Cruz, California after having taken up residence there seven or eight years ago. Despite possible objections from natives, he now considers himself a proud Santa Cruzian and wears Santa Cruz t-shirts damn near every day. He anticipates living in the Cruz, writing goofy stories, until he is no more. Like the devil Lucifestus, the star of his first collection of short stories, Whiskey Leavins enjoys a good dive bar, a good drink, and is an inveterate gambler.

About the Narrator

Hi everyone!I am Duffy Weber, a voice actor and audio engineer designer geek. (I also write software, but that’s not important here.
Welcome to Hula-Cow Studios.Why Hula-Cow? Well, for one thing, we have a hula dancing cow at the top of the site, and for another you’re not going to forget that, any time soon, now are you?

Located in Cincinnati, the studio is small – very small – but equipped with state-of the art software and equipment.We specialize in character voice, but are available for radio, web and ad VA, as well, and are capable of helping with SFX and other audio production.Hula Cow is ipDTL, phone-patch, and Skype capable, and can deliver cleaned, noiseless tracks ready to be placed into your game (or ad/show/production/software/cartoon) in any format you like.

Give a shout if you need anything. I’m always happy to be of service.
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