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**** Good story **** Good Narration **** Interesting and Exciting (overall) —- Review by Rox Burkey

Bob Oedy builds a world where odd connections reign supreme and two cults fight to control people, places, and things. Mr. Oedy creatively relates things most listeners see in life with a twist of danger, suspense, and mockery.

Ted, the realtor, crosses paths with weird people, one of whom, Craig, happens to possess an arcane artifact, the death spoon. Ted crosses paths with the sophisticated Karen, who can boost Ted’s career as she has the right connections if Ted can secure the spoon. The tale moves between drugs, sex, and money with murder, high-speed car chases, waring cult factions, rapid-fire power shifts, and splashes of romance. Ted secures the spoon, and his life shifts from mundane to outrageously successful.

The action-packed scenes are filled with characters that pique one’s interest. Additional depth with these characters would invest the reader or listener. A fun, relatively short listen that will captivate your imagination.

Mr. Oedy also performed the audio rendition of this story. The narration was good; even when in places, it was difficult to hear the voice change as the dialogue speakers shared the conversation. There were no issues with the sound quality of the audiobook itself. Fans of quirky suspense will enjoy this unconventional read. Bob Oedy is a good author to keep an eye on for additional stories.

About the Author/Narrator

Bob Oedy is an award-winning American author. Although best known for his nonfiction writing, in 2023, Oedy published a suspense novel, Death Spoon. The book won two Global Book Awards: Bronze for Suspense Paranormal and Finalist in Suspense Thriller. In 2019, he won the Beverly Hills Book Award “Careers” category for The Million Dollar Organizer. Oedy works internationally as a labor union organizer. He graduated from the National Labor College in Maryland with a Bachelor of Arts in Labor Studies. He completed a four-year union apprenticeship program with perfect attendance. He also holds an Associate of Science Degree in Electronics from Pierce College. Oedy is a proud parent and lives with his wife, Leslie. His hobbies are public speaking, podcasting, punk rock music, and camping. Oedy is a founding member of The Grim, a southern California punk rock band. In 2017, The Grim was inducted into the Ventura County Music Awards Hall of Fame. As well as being the band’s long-term guitarist and songwriter, Oedy went on to found punk rock band Glue Gun. His songs have appeared in motion pictures and video games.

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