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**** good story     ***** great narration    ***** outstanding fun —Review by Rox Burkey

The Home Owners Association president dies under questionable circumstances as the story begins. Kris Courtney places the listener inside a gated Central Florida-established retirement community. The resident characters get portrayed as individuals with specific outrageous habits. These people behave like unchaperoned children at a never-ending Sadie Hawkins dance with a spiked punch.

Stewart Johnson relocates to the community with help from his daughter, the lawyer. He feels more included days after moving in than in his home years after his wife died. His new neighbors make him feel right at home. He gets caught up in investigating a neighbor’s death, finding roadblocks from the community services team at every turn. Something stinks, and it’s not the fish from the pelican’s mouth.

The antics of these silver-haired, opinionated relics will keep listeners, and readers, laughing aloud, hoping they can have this much fun in retirement. These are the ultimate unfiltered comments from those who know better but don’t care. You’ll pray your inner child will enjoy this much freedom while getting into this much trouble.

The narration by Mari Oyaizu Carson masterfully kept the voices perfect for all the characters. The story’s pace added to the excitement and tension of this satirical murder mystery. A masterpiece of voice acting that makes listening easy and impossible to pause.

I highly recommend this cozy mystery in the audiobook format. You’ll be sipping the fruity chick drinks and toasting to new friends in no time.

About the Author

I have recently return to Indiana and have authored a New Book (Fictional Literary, Satire Mystery) from my experiences in the state of Florida that have given light to a fictional story of generational characters encountered throughout 20 years of traveling across the United States as a professional Artist & Author.

My work includes original oil paintings that have been shown abroad, won multiple awards & recognition in artistic genre application of watercolor, acrylic and multimedia. As well, I have penned an award-winning international screenplay and other various publications that include a personal memoir as well a collection of self-published children’s books.

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About the Narrator

 “Mari Oyaizu Carson is a theatrical designer and voice artist living in Northern California. She likes knitting and cats. She hates writing bios.”

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