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P. J. Murphy creates a fascinating story that explores a journey within the tale of a widely acclaimed epic fantasy author, Richard Debden. After the author has been missing for over a year, a funeral service is held for family closure. Chris, his college friend, attends the event, which brings back shared memories.

Amy, Richard’s longtime girlfriend during his university years and for a large portion of his successful writing career, receives a manuscript, Dead Letters. She reaches out to Chris to get his take on the contents. This manuscript differs from the award-winning, highly sought-after books that brought him fame.  A copy of the manuscript was also delivered to his loyal fan base, desperate to find their favorite author’s promised final book.

Chris and Amy, driven by their shared history and emotional connection, embark on a gripping journey to decipher the messages hidden within the manuscript. Hints of history in the chapters of the unpublished work cause them to visit old haunts and recall the past times spent together. Dead Letters characters Timothy and Imogene deliver letters to ghosts at various locations in the surrounding area, making the journey seem like a treasure map. The struggles Timothy and Imogene face bring reality entwined within fiction to the forefront.

In Dead Letters, every chapter delves into the lives and minds of Richard and the people he knew. The author, P.J. Murphy, skillfully illuminates their struggles, survival, and surroundings with exquisite prose. The letters exchanged between the characters reveal a striking intimacy and offer glimpses into their intertwined past. Murphy expertly guides readers through each layer of the story with intense animation, superb supporting characters, and emotionally charged dialogue.

Fans who enjoy suspenseful mysteries, action, and adventure with a touch of paranormal will find this stimulating tale fascinating. Listening to this story in audiobook format adds a profound dimension to the experience. Jez Sands delivers flawless narration with perfect pace and tone, greatly enhancing this well-written story. There are no issues with the quality of the Dead Letter audiobook, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy a good mystery.

About the Author

P.J. Murphy writes novels that introduce unusual and humorous twists to classic genres. If you pick up one of his books, you’re in for an interesting read that never loses its sense of fun.

As a writer, P.J. tries to stick to the adage ‘write what you know’, although with the addition, ‘just make sure you exaggerate and distort it beyond all recognition’. He is planning to write a novel about taking a road trip with a parrot. He has never owned a parrot.

You can find out more about P.J. and follow his blog at

About the Narrator

My voice has a deep, authoritative tone, ideal for audiobook narration, corporate instructional guides, commercials and animation.
I love performing non-human voices and have done everything from shambling Lovecraftian horrors to rumbling sentient trees and humanoid birdmen.

I also have over ten years of martial arts experience, with instructorship grades in Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, Kali, and Silat under Guro Dan Inosanto. Extensive experience with stick and knife fighting. Find Jez-

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