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Welcome all! What a treat to have Wendy Scott as the featured author for today’s Thank You, Hosts tour. So glad you stopped by.


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Author Wendy Jayne delivers HEXED: A PURR-FECT CATASTROPHE

A year ago, an unknown assailant heart-hexed Cassidy.

Covertly, she’s used her witches’ powers seeking a counter spell, but to no avail.

The year of enforced celibacy is grating on her sexual nerves. Cassidy’s situation worsens when she falls for the very sexy warlock, Hunter Rutherford, but must keep him at arm’s length.

Sparks fly when they kiss, but these sparks are the type that burn.

The only way they’ll be able to consummate their relationship is by finding who cast the hex and convincing them to remove the curse.

About Wendy Jayne Scott

Wendy Scott has a New Zealand Certificate in Science (Chemistry), which allows her to dabble with fuming potions and strange substances, satisfying her inner witch. Wendy writes short stories, fantasy, and children’s novels. One of the creeds she lives by is to always – Live a life less ordinary!


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    38 replies to "Welcome to Day 3 of the @4WillsPub “THANK YOU, HOSTS!” Blog Tour for #RRBCAuthor @WendyJayneScott #RRBC #RWISA"

    • Jan Sikes

      How wonderful to see Wendy featured here! I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Hexed!” It’s a great story with lots of magic! Thank you for hosting, Rox!

      • RoxBurkey

        Jan, one of my favorite things is featuring authors, books, and interviews. Thank you for visiting!

      • Wendy Scott

        Cheers, Jan, Hexed was heaps of fun to write.

    • Yvette M Calleiro

      I’m so happy to see Wendy highlighted! I read Hexed! and loved it! Thanks for hosting, Rox! 🙂

      • RoxBurkey

        Now I want to read it too! Thanks for visiting, Yvette!

      • Wendy Scott

        Thanks bunches, Yvette, you are a star reviewer!

    • Charles W Jones

      This sounds fun. On the to read list. Thanks for hosting Rox.

      • RoxBurkey

        Charles, Thank you for visiting. It’s on my list too!

      • Wendy Scott

        That’s wonderful, thanks so much, Charles.

    • Robbie Cheadle

      This book sounds like great fun, Rox. Thanks for hosting Wendy here today.

      • RoxBurkey

        Hi Robbie, so glad you stopped by to view it!

      • Wendy Scott

        Thanks, Robbie, a bit of fun for adult readers.

    • Miriam Hurdle

      Wendy’s HEXED: A PURR-FECT CATASTROPHE sounds like a great read. Thank you for hosting, Rox.

      • RoxBurkey

        Thank you, Miriam for stopping by. This is a fun tour.

      • Wendy Scott

        Hi Miriam, I just recived an award medal for it in the post yesterday – that feeling never gets old!

    • John Podlaski

      I’ve read an earlier book of Wendy’s and loved it. I’ll have to take a peek at Hex. Thanks, Rox for hosting.

      • RoxBurkey

        I finish Slimmer not long ago and it was terrific. This one is so different looking. Thank you, John, for stoppingby.

        • Wendy Scott

          Thanks, Rox, I designed the cover myself. I know it’s not Nonnie-friendly (meow), but I couldn’t help myself.

          • RoxBurkey

            Wendy, I had no idea about the cat thing until that book club meeting. It is a cute cover and you did a great job on it. I look forward to reading and reviewing it. Thank you for stopping by.

      • Wendy Scott

        Thanks, John, I do like explring different genres.

    • Robert Fear

      Great to see you featured here Wendy. Thanks for hosting Rox.

      • RoxBurkey

        A delight to host Wendy and others in the RRBC Community. Thank you for coming for a visit, Robert (Fred).

      • Wendy Scott

        Thanks, Robert, always great fun to be part of a 4Wills Blog Tour.

    • NJ

      Hope you had a great day today, Wendy!

      Thank you so much, Rox!

      • RoxBurkey

        Hi NJ,

        Delighted you stopped by. Wendy’s book this time is now on my list.

      • Wendy Scott

        Thanks, Nonnie & 4Wills!

    • Wendy Scott

      Hi Rox, Many thanks for featuring, Hexed, today on your blog.

      • RoxBurkey

        My delight!

    • Bernard Foong

      Thank you, Rox for featuring Wendy Scott and her book Hexed. Enjoy your tour, Wendy.

      • RoxBurkey

        Thank you, Bernard, for stopping by. It is a fun tour.

      • Wendy Scott

        Thanks, Bernard – lovely to be on Rox’s blog.

    • Joy Lo-Bamijoko

      I remember Hexed, Wendy. An awesome read! Thank you, Rox for hosting.

      • RoxBurkey

        So glad to see you, Joy. Stay safe.

      • Wendy Scott

        Thanks, Joy, nothing like a bit of laughter!

    • Bette Stevens

      Sounds like a fun read, Wendy! 🙂 Thanks for hosting, Rob.

    • Shirley Harris-Slaughter

      Hi Wendy. I got your book and now I must read it.


      Hi Rox. Good to see you again.

      • RoxBurkey

        Always a delight to have you visit, Shirley.

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