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**** Unexpected Tragedy                                     Review by Rox Burkey

Author Maura Beth Brennan has a delightful writing style of grabbing ahold of her readers. The interplay between the characters is simply fun. In this case, Angie, Evangelina, is sharing her perspective on a family crisis. Each of the characters are well-developed enabling me to form pictures of them. The family interactions are the special part of this story.

Ma’s oldest sister, Ida, has a life changing event. Harry, a man beloved by all, dies. That event could drive her and the family in one direction or the other. The twists and turns are not only well-paced but delightful with unexpected outcomes. The section below gives you a quick peek into Author Brennan’s fun style.

““It’s your Aunt Ida,” she finally managed to croak out. Oh, okay, so maybe Aunt Ida was having a heart attack. Should we be doing something, I wondered, maybe calling 911? Frustrated, I signaled to Ma to get off the phone and tell me what was going on. Finally, after much made-up sign language from me to her, Ma hung up and sank, tangled yellow cord and all, into a nearby chair, but not before promising Ida, “We’ll be right over.” Okay, now we were getting somewhere. “Ma, what’s wrong, for God’s sake?” “Oh, Muppet, it’s your Uncle Harry.” Ma calls me Muppet, even though I’m twenty-four years old and my given name—which she gave me, I might add—is Evangelina. She says Evangelina is too long. Well, duh, Ma”.

The time span for this story is several months which allows the reader to see the results of early actions. I found the outcomes surprising yet pleasing. This sweet short story is an entertaining keeper. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading for fun with a hint of humor at family dynamics. 

About the Author

The author, after early retirement, is thrilled to return to her childhood love,  writing stories. In addition to writing, she enjoys reading, watching old movies, rummaging in thrift stores, and walking in the woods . . ., if there aren’t too many bugs. Maura Beth lives in a small New Jersey town with her long-suffering husband and two bossy but adorable Cavalier Spaniels.

Maura Beth loves hearing from her fans and looks forward to their reviews.

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    • Jan Sikes

      I loved this short story from Maura Beth. She has such a way of weaving family dramas into entertaining tales. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this story, Rox!! And, I received notification of this post in my email! Whoohoo!!

      • RoxBurkey

        Jan, Thank you for stopping by. Agree great family realities.

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