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**** A Window Opens when a Door Shuts     Review by Rox Burkey

Author Nonnie Jules crafts a story around the dramatic shift of family dynamics with a single event. The parents are atheists and dictate that the Bible, prayer, and belief in God are prohibited in the home. Lola, Darci, and Bud (short for Bobbie) are good kids and close siblings. Darci Lynn, the middle child, tells this story from her perspective at milestones in her life.

I like the imagery and style of the writing. The characters are realistically developed and relatable.

“Approaching the corner of our street at 6th and Waco, the blaring music from the flashy, blue sedan could be heard from miles away.  From the corner of my eye, I notice it rounding the curve with increasing speed, recklessly swerving from lane to lane.  As if in slow motion, I turn to see Lola step off the curb; at the exact same moment, the car slides up past the stop sign, impeding the pedestrian’s walkway. In those few seconds that felt like an eternity, my heart was hurled up into my throat, where it rested and stifled my screams…while my tears, commingling with the light falling rain, mercifully shielded me from the trauma of what happened after.”

Lola, the eldest, studied the Bible and said prayers. Her mother disapproved when she discovered these studies until Lola became ill. Lola was visited by an angel, though she never told anyone.

Darci missed her sister and ventures into her room one afternoon while her mom is out. She reads her sister’s diary and learns Lola’s beliefs. In the journal, Darci also uncovers a message for her which she acts upon.

This story spans several years, highlighting the changes in Darci and her family. I recommend this story to people who like faith-based stories. It is well written as well as an easy read.

About the Author:

Nonnie Jules was born in Texas. When she was a mere toddler, her family relocated to Shreveport where red dirt roads and pick-up trucks go hand in hand. She lives in Louisiana today with her husband, two daughters, and their many animals. She loves to write from all genres of literature including short stories, poetry, fiction and non, as well as How-To books.

“The Good Mommies’ Guide to Raising (Almost) Perfect Daughters” was her first book. You can find this one and all her other works on her website BooksByNonnie as well as on Amazon.

Nonnie started her own publishing company along with 3 partners including 4WillsPublishing, due to her strong desire to insure that authors were only putting out THE BEST, and that the readers were only being offered the BEST, and that’s who her company represented. For authors who need support they are invited to check the SERVICES page.

In December 2013, Nonnie founded Rave Reviews Book Club. This organization has more than 500 in the membership, with new members daily.  If you are an author or reader and you are looking to become a part of an organization that feels like family, one that will support you, you need to add your name to the roster of the elite members of RRBC.

Nonnie can be found most often on Twitter relentlessly promoting other indie authors. Nonnie says that she will continue to write as long as her readers continue reading her work.

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    • Jan Sikes

      I loved this story from Nonnie. It was such a lesson in faith. Thank you for highlighting it here today, Rox!

      • RoxBurkey

        Jan, Nonnie puts a lot of thought and heart into her work. It shows.

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