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*** Winners are Losers                                   Review by Rox Burkey

Author Maretha Botha creates a touching story of twin sisters, Magdalene and Nelle, who haven’t seen each other in years. They are different, like light versus dark in both temperament and love. Nelle lets her jealousy rule her actions as she secures her victory.

Lost Time begins with Nelle and David headed toward their solicitor to settle the estate. I liked the foreshadowing that Maretha created. It compelled me to read on.

     Perhaps we can move on with our lives . . . settle down somewhere?’ She smiles. David has an uncanny knack to make me feel better, but I need to stop looking in my rear-view mirror. I want to forget the past and move forward, not make David’s life unpleasant every time I vent my frustrations. He’s an innocent party here, she thinks, shaking her head as if trying to expunge all her negative moods.

     Nelle turns to David and pecks him on the cheek. ‘I was thinking about the difficulties of asking for time off, having to face Matron’s disapproval and her sour face – even for family matters – but, I suppose, I’d face her again should we plan another extended mountaineering trip – for at least six months or more – in future? It was worth it, don’t you agree, dear David?’

Families have deep-seated emotions revealed in this story. Nelle and her sister may have a chance to work through their issues during this trip finally. Waiting for the right moment to discuss a problem can create a more significant challenge than the problem itself.

I recommend this to readers who like seeing family dynamics in action.  Reading about these sisters made me reflect on my sibling relationship. I have enjoyed several of Author Botha’s writings. She leverages succinct writing and dialogue to make this another good story. Check it out.

About the Author

Author/Illustrator Maretha Botha admits to being addicted to a good espresso and a fruit&nut chocolate bar. Having a barbecue, gardening and bird watching are favourite past-times for her and her family, especially during the short Lancashire summers.
She has published an award-winning, illustrated series of animal and bird adventure books (1-4) for Middle Grade Readers called, “Fauna Park Tales”, available as eBooks and black&white illustrated paperbacks.
One of her latest releases is a short story, “Saving The Evergreens: Garden Secrets” – a fantasy for those who still let their imagination take flight in the undergrowth.

As part of her book club’s challenge she also published two short stories called, “Lost Time” and “Lost And Found” – part of a W.I.P. series, “Family Ties”.

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