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Welcome friends, readers, authors, and more! Today I am featuring an author I’ve only know for a short while. Nonnie Jules is a human dynamo in working for the Rave Review Book Club and all the authors she supports. Tirelessly striving to do more, think out-of-the-box, and remain a creative thought leader. No wonder so many compare her to Wonder Woman with Nonnie always the winner. Nonnie Jules doesn’t need the Truth Lasso to say it like it is!

Nonnie Jules on RRBC

#RWISA Author Nonnie Jules

Nonnie (aka Wonder Woman) has been super busy organizing the 5th Annual #RRBC Writers’ Conference & Book Expo (a super-duper virtual literary event!!!!), so a group of us decided we would shine the spotlight on Nonnie.

Please support an author who gives tirelessly and selflessly (on steroids!) to other authors every day of the year. So, as well as sharing our posts & tweets, please buy her books, and post your honest reviews.

#RRBC and #RWISA – Let’s make some NONNIE NOISE!!!!


“As a writer who values the (polished) written word, it is my mission to help my fellow authors understand that their reputation as a writer should be treated as a rare treasure and that the only way to be taken seriously in this business, is to ensure that your writing (no matter the forum) is impeccably written and well-edited.”

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You can find Nonnie’s books listed under the following categories in the RRBC Catalog:



Parenting & Relationships


Short Story

Latest Release by Nonnie Jules: No Pedigree

Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks, Baylee never quite fit in…anywhere. She was taunted and teased because her clothes had no designer labels, and spit upon because her only pair of shoes had holes in the bottom. The butt of many jokes, she was excluded from all social activities, sneered at by the parents of her peers after school as she waited for the bus, watching them drive away in their fancy cars; assaulted in the most unthinkable fashion.

Having been born to a white father and a black native American mother didn’t make things any easier. In fact, that circumstance made her life ten times harder – until the day she made them all stand up, take notice, and regret every ugly word and deed they had inflicted upon her.

Review by Rox Burkey

Author Nonnie Jules writes a sad, yet viable account of the cruelty young people can bestow upon their peers in the name of “being better” than someone else. In this case, money and position were the heart of the problems in a small town that condoned that sort of behavior. The problems passed from parents to children in an uncontrolled manner.  

Baylee, at 5’9” with blonde hair and a tan hue to her skin, was of mixed heritage. In small town Oklahoma, this was a problem. High school is a trying time for most children as they try to rush their metamorphosis to adulthood. It is awkward and painful without trusted friends. Any youth transferring to a new high school in a new city can be exceptionally challenging. For Baylee, it was life changing.

I really liked the description that Nonnie paints when Baylee met Carson on her first day at the new high school. They clearly were able to immediately size each other up.  It emphasized the possibilities of real friendships. At this point I was caught up in the story due to the great quality of the writing.

“Baylee, huh?  More like Baylee badass yourself! I like that!  OK, I’m Carson Beckett.  Nice to meet you, Bayleeee!” 

“Carson?  Isn’t that a boy’s name?” Baylee asked, her curiosity about this girl, growing by the second.

“What can I say, my dad wished for a boy that he could name Carson, so when I showed up – well, ever heard of half-a-wish? That’s what my dad got. He didn’t get a son, but he did find a way to keep the name, so he got one half of his wish,” Carson laughed. “Now, enough small talk about me, Bayleeee.  C’mon.  I’ll show you around this joint.”

Carson was funny. Baylee had just met the only real friend she’d ever have at Mount-Barron High.

I didn’t really see the foreshadowing of this section until much later in the story. The tragedy of the story, and surprising conclusion, is not exclusive to America. Societies over hundreds of years, even with all the lessons that have been given, seem unable to learn that hatred, prejudice, and jealousy are horribly outdated and simply put, poisonous.

I recommend sharing with teens and young adults as a guide on what to avoid, even if their parents forgot to tell them. The ending was unexpected, so don’t skip a page.


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#RRBC #RWISA Thanks for supporting author Nonnie Jules!

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed the information. I invite you to leave a comment and pick up one of Nonnie’s books right now. It will likely touch your soul.

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    • Wendy Scott

      Thanks so much, Rox, wonderful to see your post about Nonnie.

      • RoxBurkey

        Thank you Wendy. Nonnie provides so much author support. It is a delight to be a part of this global group.

      • Nonnie Jules

        Wendy, the ring-leader, you’re awesome sauce! Thanks for supporting Rox’s blog!

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      Thank you so much for sharing Nonnie’s amazingness on your page. She truly deserves the attention. 🙂

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        Yvette, thank you for visiting. I couldn’t agree more

      • Nonnie Jules

        Thanks, Yvette!

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      Thank you, so much, RoxBurkey, for profiling Nonnie today. She sure deserves all the attention!

      • RoxBurkey

        Joy, thank you for stopping by. It is an honor to shout out about Nonnie!

      • Nonnie Jules

        You’re too kind, Joy! Thank you!

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      Hi Rox. Won’t Nonnie be surprised when she sees this. I’m glad you are a part of it.

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        Thank you, Shirley, for stopping by and making a comment. I am honored to be included in this surprise adventure for an awesome author called Nonnie.

      • Nonnie Jules

        Snitch! LOL! Shirley, you know I’m teasing! Thanks for alerting me to the happenings on social media! You’re a jule!

        • RoxBurkey

          Hi Nonnie, I was honored to have you featured and glad you stopped by my blog. Have an awesome week!

    • Nonnie Jules

      Hi, Rox! Just finding your post! You are so special – I truly appreciate your support! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

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