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Ms. Hartl doesn’t waste any time identifying the heroine and the slimy bad guy in this fast-paced fantasy romance novel.  But she took her time building the shape-shifting hero Cerran. There is a very compelling chemistry between Maggie and Cerran that keeps the reader turning pages to find out more. You can almost hear the half growl to his voice when Cerran calls her Magdalene.

Time travel aspects of this story are introduced in a way that pulls you further into the story. After an accident she is stumbling around in totally unfamiliar territory, yet snatches of images from history books help her mind fill in the pieces. Maggie’s strength of character shows as she tries to mentally adjust to her circumstances. The sensations Maggie experiences are easily understood and believable, especially as she finally comes across some kind ladies. The universal nurturing regardless of time and space are artfully used to help bridge the gaps faced by the heroine. This example below illustrates a view of how Tamara handles this transition, though her extensive descriptive detail cannot be captured in this brief review.

Both Women wore dresses that were dated, by a couple of hundred years by Maggie’s guess. The younger woman picked up the skirt of her dress to make the step up from the street to stand beside Maggie.

“My grandmother is asking you if you are alright,” the woman said in a strangely accented English.

“Yes, well no, actually,” Maggie sniffed. “I’m afraid I’m lost and more than a bit confused. I was in an accident, and I hit my head and I can’t figure out where I am.”

The younger woman nodded sympathetically. “You are in Trevess, mistress. Can we help you somehow? You could use something on your face I think.”

Ladies, if you’re in trouble or have been grabbed by some psychotic low life, you will want a champion like Cerran hunting for you.  The desperateness of the kidnapping and his relentless hunt for a lady he only just met, makes for great storytelling. Sensual tub scenes and tender romantic interactions definitely make Maggie and Cerran characters you will want to see more of as you race toward the end of this story.  This story and character universe are going to need more “shelf-space” to satiate Ms. Hartl’s readers with this delightful world.

About the Author 

This award-winning author, Tamara Hartl was born and raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwest Virginia in the beautiful town of Floyd. Getting her start with a Morgan Horse breeding and training facility, she went from cleaning stalls, and hot walking horses to barn manager. Tamara left Owl Hollow Morgans to train at Ferney Creek Arabians and when the farm was relocated to Moulton, Texas, she moved with the owners and their Egyptian Arabians. In her day job she works for ​as a farm manager and does the prep work for horses who will go on to show at the National level with a show trainer.  

​Tamara lives in south Texas with her husband, Ritchie, and two daughters, Jennifer and Cassidy. She has her own horses, along with a menagerie of animals. The majority of the cats and dogs are rescues, while the chickens are just a hobby that rewards her with chicken antic stories and fresh eggs.  She loves to read when she has a spare moment or two, and lists Diana Gabaldon as one of her favorite authors along with Linda Lael Miller, and James Rollins.

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