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***** Overall ***** Performance ***** Story – Delectably Heartfelt – Review by Rox Burkey

Brenna Ash creates a world with mortals and magical creatures of lore who live among them. The vivid descriptions of vampires, witches, fairies, gargoyles, and Skinwalkers live in the shadows of the mortal world. Their mandate is not to reveal themselves to humans. Immortals get tempted by the lives of humans, on occasion breaking the rules, and the council swiftly delivers their verdict on such behavior. Each of the five senses of the reader or listener gets quickly pulled in with realistic dialogue and an intriguing, action-packed storyline. The writing illustrates extensive research on the beings presented in the story.

Krista Wallingford, portrayed as a Hollywood Horror movie actress, doubts the existence of paranormal beings even though they are vital to the movie characters she plays. She goes to Florida to film her next box office hit, but Krista gets a bodyguard due to threats against her life before leaving California. Gregor Magnuson, her bodyguard, takes his job seriously, not personally, even though his client is hyper-attractive. He is a gargoyle-hybrid, half-human, tasked by the council of the Immortals to deliver the rogue Skinwalker. Even though the pair resists their attraction, Gregor’s protection of Krista creates an intriguing dynamic.

Marc Biagi delivers a splendid rendition of this story. His accents are perfect and unwavering, with his smooth transitions from one to another. He punctuates the snappy dialogue with a perfect tone and pauses to accentuate the outstanding storyline. There are no issues with the audio.

The story will captivate paranormal romance fans and pull them into the possibilities. Long after the final sentence of A Kiss of Stone, a reader could wish that paranormal activity exists on some level.

About the Author

Brenna’s love for books was born the day she received her first volume of fairy tales as a young child. Being transported to magical realms inhabited by princes and princesses filled her heart with joy and nurtured her desire to write.

She adores all things Scotland and visits whenever possible, incorporating its long history and beautiful landscape in her books.

But, as much as Brenna loves telling stories of the past, she much prefers the conveniences of modern-day living.

A lifelong Northeasterner, she grew tired of the cold and snow and replaced it with sun and sand when she and her husband, along with their unbelievably spoiled and obsessively needy cat, Lilly, moved to Florida.

Brenna hopes you’ll join her as she journeys to the past!

About the Narrator/Voice Actor

Characters, On-Camera, Voice Acting, Accents/Dialects, Stage, Comedy Improv, Singing, and More!
With decades of experience in the industry, I record voice work for clients across the US and the world. I’m a strong character actor and leverage my diverse accent & dialect work into my roles (often cast as native British and Australian). I’m most well-known for my video game work as Vector the Crocodile and Professor Gerald Robotnik in the Sonic the Hedgehog games, Strider Hiryu in Strider, Brian Basco in the Runaway adventure games, and many recent and popular roles in Star Trek Online. I’ve had many leading and comedic roles in live theatre and was a founding member of the comedy improvisation troupe Mission Improvible. I’m also very experienced with work in training and educational products and adept with teleprompter. I’m seriously expanding into on-camera roles now and can soon be seen as a regular character in a feature film series for a major streaming platform.

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