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***** Technology or Mankind out of control                                                         Review by Rox Burkey

Author Lexington Howe does some awesome world building filled with magic and fantastic technology designed to impact mankind.

London in the 1900s is before child labor standards were supported. Young children working in both mines and factories were treated to long hours, wretched pay, and dangerous conditions. The descriptions are vivid and hit all the senses. Rumae creatures are terrifying, with only fragments of humanity.

Oliver is portrayed as a young boy who has struggled with living during these times. He is an unlikely hero who wants to survive and thrive. Oliver has an innocence making him an endearing character, even with interactions designed to erode his humanity. I related to Oliver early in the story with this area where the narration completely engulfed me. Oliver’s uncle was a neglectful drunk with a mean streak.

               “He hadn’t been in London long. Prior to his living here he had been living in an orphanage just outside the city of London, north of the river Thames. A sad smile jolted his features. In a way, he missed it. It had to have been better than his current condition.

               Oliver had previously had four siblings, all much older than him. Two had gone off to war-the eldest had died, leaving his twenty-two-year-old brother Marx to fend for himself. He had been refused the living conditions from his aunt’s husband, at the account of “he’s old enough, he needs to live on his own” response from his uncle…”

Alexander Doddy uses realistic accents for the characters with precision delivery to highlight the terror of the situation. The pace is consistent with no technical issues impacting the audio delivery. This a captivating listen and story that will make you a fan of this author. I look forward to a book 2.

About the Author

Lexington Howe

Lexington Howe is an avid journalist, who enjoys writing news pieces but truly enjoy writing creative fiction. She’s spent most of her life in Southern California, and enjoys writing (of course), playing guitar, violin, and time with her three dogs. She loves any good page turner that makes one forget that that they’re reading. Some of her favorite books are old classics, like East of Eden by John Steinbeck.

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About the Narrator

Alexander Doddy

Alexander Doddy has a variety of experience on stage and screen with everything from shorts, features and voice work to classical stage all over the UK. Trained in Biomechanics, physical theatre and Stage Combat (APC), he excels in creature and costumed characters.  

For a full list of credits and training please see my Spotlight 5218-9055-8633

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