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Review by: Rox Burkey

Glorious Garlic offers the reader an interesting combination of history, folklore, science, and advice on how garlic can enhance your living. Ms. Lull outlines the whys of garlic as she not only shares the myths and realities attributed to garlic but specifics of health benefits which may be achieved.

The layout of the book highlights the value and cautions in a readily understandable manner. The details and applications of garlic to support cardiovascular health, cancer, sex and even aging helps the reader focus on their areas of interest. It is one of those guide books I will keep handy as a reference guide. The book is laid out in an easy to read manner.

Benefits and factoids from this book are numerous. I was particularly drawn to the areas on cholesterol management as so many of my friends suffer with this. Here is a portion of that section.

Have you ever had your blood drawn and tested? There are numerical markers of fats in the blood that can show if you are likely to get heart disease. Garlic an prevent heart attacks by lowering the levels of blood fats, including triglycerides and LDL (“bad”) cholesterol while raising the levels of HDL (“good) cholesterol.

There are also several notes that these suggestions should be discussed with your physician before mixing garlic with some medications, so heed the warnings of this experienced author.

My favorite part were the recipes at the end with garlic. As an avid cook, new recipes with fresh ingredients, which might also benefit my health, are tried. The recipes for Stuffed Mushrooms are yummy. I highly recommend this book for those who like to explore natural health options as well as historical uses around the world with various cultures (though vampires were not referenced).

About the Author:

Valerie B. Lull is a herbalist and author. In addition to Glorious Garlic, she has authored Ten Healthy Teas and Ten Spices for Health and Longevity. After struggling for years with mental illness issues, Valerie Lull finally found a drug that enabled her to live a normal life, so she returned to school. Valerie B. Lull studied herbalism at the American College of Health Sciences. Her story was featured in the newsletter for the National alliance for the Mentally ill, and her experience has been hailed as a mental health success.

Valerie has always had a passion for good health and the health benefits of herbal preparations. At the age of 45, Valerie was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, which amped her interest in natural ways to maintain health. She loves to share this information and show people how easy it is to stay healthy. In addition to the three books she has published on the health benefits of teas and spices, Lull writes about herbs, spices, nutrition and good health practices in her weekly blog, Simple Ways to Stay Healthy,

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