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**** Finding a sensible way to health—body and soul Review by Rox Burkey

Author Shirley Harris-Slaughter is passionate about taking charge of her life as a deserving individual. Shirley discusses her real-life experiences in ways many people might relate to.  The combination of a three-year abusive marriage, caring for her dying mother, multiple illnesses and too many prescription drugs drove Shirley to her day of reckoning. She battled high anxiety, panic attacks, and multiple illnesses before realizing that now was the time for her to take charge of her life.

She explains her methods for taking charge of her lifestyle. One of the early signs for change followed an event where doctors advise from a different lens than a patient needs. The following segment provided a guide to her honest reflection as her quest to live grew legs.

The doctors went on to explain that cases such as mine – a young woman having sudden episodes of anxiety – were all too common. They called them panic attacks. They prescribed Valium which helped control the symptoms.

That night, I learned what stress can do. It can practically kill you. Around that time, I began to feel despondent. I was so ashamed of my life, and the bad choices I had made. I also continued to experience more episodes.

Then, one day, my mother looked at me and said, “Maybe you need to go back to your husband.”

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that my mother didn’t understand why I filed for a divorce. She supported me in every way possible. However, she was worried about my health, and believed that I would feel better if I worked out the problems in my relationship.

I appreciated the honest delivery in this self-help guide to better healthy living both physically and psychologically. Author Slaughter-Harris took charge her life initially to incorporate healthy eating (organic veggies and fruit) a balanced medical advice with holistic medicine practice and eliminating antibiotics turning instated to plant based natural solutions such as cranberry juice for bladder infections. She offers some great guidelines of how others might immediately take charge of their health.

The vignettes she supplied gives the readers pause. It might be fun to know more but I think the line Shirley draws for each scenario are relevant as well as realistic. The sprinkling of humor and suggestions of actions one might take are from her voice of experience. I can recommend this book for those seeking alternative approaches to taking charge of one’s health and well-being. I especially liked the journaling approach as a powerful way to track your successes and failures.

About the Author

Shirley Harris-Slaughter’s first book highlights her passion for history which led to her first published work, Our Lady of Victory, the Saga of an African American Catholic Community. But she wouldn’t have been able to write that book had she not had the presence of mind to conquer the health crisis she found herself in. She is an advocate for natural health and healing. Any problem she had to face she found her way out of, through sheer determination and a miracle. This led to her second book, CRAZY! HOT! AND LIVING ON THE EDGE!!

Shirley saw a void that needed to be filled, and so she decided to share her experience. She has been active in her community by supporting candidates for elected office. She served on the Oak Park School Board.

She is an advocate for children and mentored four freshmen girls in the Winning Futures program. Shirley is an active member in her church, and she belongs to the Rave Reviews (Virtual) Book Club. She married her best friend, Langston, and they share a blended family.

“We are as different as night and day, and yet we are so much alike in many ways. We made it through thirty-two years!”

Shirley Harris-Slaughter is available for book events and speaking engagements. Reach out to Shirley via email

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