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**** Natural Healing At Its Best                                  Review by Rox Burkey

Dr. Teresa Cody details out the value of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to promote individual healing. Her applied treatments of PRP have helped many of her patients in remarkable ways.

One of her earliest applications surprised even her with the timespan of hours and days to positive change. She provides step-by-step details of what she does. The best part is there is no medication, no surgical procedures, and no pain. She outlines the 15 healing factors of one’s platelets. Finally, here is a medical application that seems less invasive.

Tara and I have been friends for many years. She takes care of my hair and I take care of her Botox and dermal filler and teeth. She has been a patient for many years. After explaining to Tara what PRP is and that the worst that could happen was that it did nothing to help her, she agreed to try PRP. She did not tell me if she was apprehensive, however, I know she was desperate to ease the pain. I think she trusted me because concentrating on your own healing factors makes sense.

The next Monday afternoon, she came to my dental office, and I explained that we would draw blood, run it through the centrifuge, pipette off the top layer of PRP and inject the yellow PRP into the damaged areas. At the last minute I said, “Let’s take a picture.” Thank God I did. No one would believe what happened in the next two days.

No one expects that we can create miracles with the right applied technology. The above case, which started Teresa down her path of sharing her findings, gave Tara total relief in two days. Twenty-four hours with incremental help before then.  Dr. Cody has studied several aspects for use on patients from Vampire Facials (color me terrified). I found the antibacterial factor to minimize post-surgical infections a unique look at what we have available to us in the hands of progressive physicians.

I recommend this book as a must-read before getting procedures to understand the potential alternative. I got this book as a dear friend of mine tried Dr. Cody and recovered should movement to her should in a single day that was painful to her for years.

About the Author

Prior to moving to Houston, Texas as a young teenager, Dr. Theresa Cody lived with her family in Brussels, Belgium. She earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Houston, then her Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of Texas in Houston in 1992. The following year, she and her new husband, also a dentist, bought a practice in Sugar Land, TX. They routinely used PRP therapy to promote healing after bone graft surgery, so she knew the Platelet Rich Plasma injections were effective.  ​

During a routine visit to her hairdresser, she suggested using the therapy to address the damage done to her hairdresser’s hand after nearly forty years of repetitive motions in the beauty salon. The woman couldn’t touch her fingers with her thumb. Within twelve hours after the injection, she could again touch her thumb to her fingers. Within two days, she could make a fist. Dr. Cody realized she’d discovered a robust response to such diverse health challenges as aging skin issues, Bell’s Palsy, clearing up ugly scars, and giving relief to joint pain.  

​In February 2019, Dr. Cody opened the C and C Wellness Center, where the incredible results she witnessed inspired her to write You Healing You. She wrote the book to introduce others to the multiple health benefits of PRP treatments. Dr. Cody and her husband sold their dentistry practice, and she now focuses her energy on the Wellness Center, along with and writing and speaking about the benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma injections.

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