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****   Guided Positive Thinking                             Review by Rox Burkey

Author Bernadette Roderbaugh created an easy read plan of action for individuals to gain insight into themselves and the world around them. Using these principles opens the mind to focus on the positive vibes along with a journey map.

For me, the most beneficial portion is recognizing that each person makes this journey at their own pace. Some will progress quickly; others will pause, gaining comfort. I liked the methods described for activation steps. It makes it easy to understand how to achieve the available miracles.

WEEK ONE ACTIVATION STEP: CHOOSING YOUR “NEXT BEST STEP” Each Miracle Activation requires you to take the TOOLS learned in each chapter and incorporate them into your life through ACTION STEPS; this begins the Miracle Activation process. This first Action Step is easy: you simply CALL upon your Higher Power of choice, then ASK for crystal-clear guidance about some issue or area of your life. Let’s try it, using this book as an example.

The author transparently shares her challenges and how these guiding steps made a difference for her. If you like exploring other perspectives that allow you to color outside the lines, this is a book you should consider. It is not a read once and be done, but a workbook that each person can apply to their life to potentially enrich their experiences. Your responses to the steps will change over time, making this a practical reference tool and a reminder of what individuals can consider.

About the Author:

Bernadette Rodebaugh is an author, coach and “The Miracle-ologist” with a mission to guide and remind you that you are the MIRACLE MAGNET in your own life. Through her personal experience Bernadette has learned that miracles are an inside job; however, one must first BELIEVE and SEE THEIR MIRACLE as they CALL IT INTO THEIR LIFE. She teaches the everyday TOOLS to do this in her professional, personal coaching, work-shops and mastermind groups. Bernadette is also an intuitive and teaches you how to use you own internal guidance system to be guided to YOUR NEXT BEST STEP toward the miracle you are seeking. As her teachings are not tied to any specific religion, they can be utilized by anyone, regardless of their spirituality or belief system.

In her previous twenty-three-year-career as a hairstylist, Bernadette was amazed by how many people shared the most intimate details of their lives with her. She also observed their belief that only changing their appearance, their hair, or other superficial attributes that alone would change their lives, then they would attract the right relationship, great job, and so on. As a hairstylist, Bernadette helped them create the physical changes; as an intuitive she would often give divinely guided suggestions and tools that would help them uncover the, “NEXT BEST STEP” of the real issues they wanted to change in their life.

This profound way of guiding people to work on themselves from the inside out and create longer-lasting, healthier changes motivated Bernadette to retire as hairstylist and help people on a more profound level as their Miracle Coach.

Bernadette resides in Grand Junction, Colorado, with her husband, son and her rescued pit bull. As mentioned in the dedication, her other dog, Duke, died during the editing of this book. Bernadette still collects the heart-shaped rocks, now paints positive healing mantra words to them to remind others they are loved and not alone! She sells them at her events and donates all profits to various mental health organizations and animal rescues. Bernadette truly believes the unconditional love of an animal, when paired with someone with mental or other health challenges, creates a healing atmosphere where two lives are changed forever, and it’s debatable who saves who! Learn more about Learn more about Bernadette

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