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***** Overall ***** Story  ***** Narration Remarkable Noir —- Review by Rox Burkey

Leavins and Weber deliver a heart-pounding, action-packed second Rock Cobbler case. The story unfolds with Detective Cobbler and a flock of wild turkeys surrounding a lifeless man and Trish the Dish. If that’s not enough to set your heart racing, prepare to meet a seductive stripper, the enigmatic leader of a religious sect, a coroner with arcane knowledge, a timid citizen on a quest for her missing brother, and a police captain who’s a champion ballroom dancer. Whiskey Leavins paints vivid portraits of these characters in the hard-boiled mystery, each unique and compelling, with no single word wasted.

Rock may not follow protocol and procedures, but he knows how to play the game while investigating the various leads. Life in Santa Lacrimosa isn’t glamorous per se, but our hard-drinking detective can sit on his patio, enjoy the ocean, and routinely walk to his favorite bar. A bartender who pours a perfect drink and provides insight on cases is a treasure. It doesn’t hurt that a way-bubbly librarian from Murder in Greasepaint is added to the cast of A Turkey Danced Death. Our hero follows the trails of the two cases from the seedy side of town to the mountain retreat with a holy turkey named Melchizedek and a notable strip club. Each stop provides our detective with a piece of this complex puzzle and places him in danger from the killer.

Duffy P. Weber’s narration is a tour de force, keeping listeners spellbound from beginning to end. His voice-acting deftly captures the unique rhythm and tone of each character, elevating the already exceptional dialogue exchanges. Listeners will savor the impeccable quality and delivery of this expertly crafted tale.

Fans of fast-paced, hard-boiled, noir crime stories will fall in love with Rock Cobbler. Perfect as a standalone, listeners and readers of A Turkey Danced Death will also thoroughly enjoy Murder in Greasepaint. Please bring on more Rock Cobbler, Whiskey Leavins.

About the Author

Whiskey Leavins has lived a nomadic life. For him, the simple question, “Where are you from?” is way harder to answer than it should be. He has lived in multiple cities and states north and south of the Rio Bravo — east and west of the Mississippi. But now he loves life in Santa Cruz, California after having taken up residence there seven or eight years ago. Despite possible objections from natives, he now considers himself a proud Santa Cruzian and wears Santa Cruz t-shirts damn near every day. He anticipates living in the Cruz, writing goofy stories, until he is no more. Like the devil Lucifestus, the star of his first collection of short stories, Whiskey Leavins enjoys a good dive bar, a good drink, and is an inveterate gambler. Website:

About the Narrator

Hi everyone!

I am Duffy Weber, a voice actor and audio engineer designer geek. (I also write software, but that’s not important here.

Welcome to Hula-Cow Studios.

Why Hula-Cow? Well, for one thing, we have a hula dancing cow at the top of the site, and for another you’re not going to forget that, any time soon, now are you? ; )

Located in Cincinnati, the studio is small – very small – but equipped with state-of the art software and equipment.

We specialize in character voice, but are available for radio, web and ad VA, as well, and are capable of helping with SFX and other audio production.

Hula Cow is ipDTL, phone-patch, and Skype capable, and can deliver cleaned, noiseless tracks ready to be placed into your game (or ad/show/production/software/cartoon) in any format you like.

Give a shout if you need anything. I’m always happy to be of service.

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