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***** Enjoy the Threads of Life                               Review by Rox Burkey

Author Tonya Penrose creates an idyllic world set in the Appalachian Mountains in Divine—a delightful small town.  This lovely story provides the perfect setting for a charming and relatable group of characters with witty dialogue, humor, and close-knit friends. Tonya deftly breathes life into thinking about the simple lessons of small towns, mystery, and local lore on living life to the fullest. Cassie is quietly remarkable in making people believe in the possibilities and uses resources like moss to behave as a bandage. Her wisdom and insights are almost magical.

I enjoyed the close connection between Serene and Lacey. Their interactions are straightforward and sincere, while they also have fun being together. The following is a sample of these besties’ conversations. 

Serene returned with a pan of blond brownies and napkins. “Here you go. Consider it chum food. Your turn to share now. And for your information, I’ve been sending you good vibes all day.”

“They helped because the whole Stardust pack-up experience turned out to be almost pleasant, absent of any drama. These brownies are so yum not to be chocolate,” Lacey said, licking her fingers and eyeing a second bar. “Not much to report, really. I’m still worried about the company’s health. Cleaned out my office and doled out my account files to the junior buyers to handle for the time being. Accepted a gazillion hugs, ate myself silly off a tray of cookies, savored some coffee toasts for future luck, and promised to attend my farewell party at Detective Dagger’s Mystery Theater. Oh, and the weasel was thankfully out of town, and of course, Ginger was hiding who knows where. That’s pretty much it. The end of my career at Stardust, Inc. all tied up in a nice parting and with me still not having a clue what I want to do next.”

The vivid descriptions of the fauna and flora helped me visualize every location. These images brought me into the story. I found myself wrapped in the town of Divine, wanting to visit again and again. If you like balance stories, wisdom shared not pushed, sweet romance, and a good storyline, then this is perfect. I recommend this to mid-high school and above readers who enjoy a good story with lessons in hope.

Old Mountain Cassie is the second story I have from this author. Baubles to Die For illustrated the versatility of Tonya Penrose, and it continues in this story. I am a fan.

About the Author

As an author, Tonya’s moved by the effect humor and inspiration-driven narratives can have on readers. She is enthusiastic about crafting stories with beguiling characters, adding dashes of snappy humor, and engaging dialogue that leaves her fingerprint on each page.

When Tonya relocated to the mountains, she found fresh writing ideas waiting. From her favorite porch chair gazing at a tranquil lake, the nudge to scribe her first novel, “Old Mountain Cassie: The Three Lessons” came calling.

And from her beach chair, the idea for the new cozy series, Shell Isle Mysteries presented. “Baubles to Die For” and “Red, White, and Boom” is the second novel in the series.

“A Secret Gift” is a romantic romp that promises smiles, sighs, and secrets.

Tonya confesses new respect for a chair’s ability to motivate writers.

Her fiction and non-fiction stories are published in numerous anthologies, e-magazines, local press, and literary magazines. She’s listed in the Poets and Writers Directory. She chooses to write multi-genre fiction under the pen name Tonya Penrose.

Tonya invites readers to visit: Twitter @TonyaWrites Facebook Tonya Penrose Author

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