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**** Exciting World – Unexpected Outcomes    Review by Rox Burkey

Wolfish is the second book in the series, but the first of Matt Ward I have experienced. Author Matt Ward builds a complex world as the foundation to his dystopian science fiction.  Raek was challenged with augmented functionality that both helps and harms his resiliency as a hybrid. Thrust into a leadership role following his wife and their unborn child’s deaths, he battles within himself—frustrated at the unknown. Elected as President overwhelms him to a degree as he deals with internal uncertainty. 

The listener experiences Raek’s success, escaping to get in touch with his wolf side, and joy with reuniting with his brother, whom he thought was dead. Clearly, the masses are cheering his success. Raek’s journey is complex as the thrills escalate from unexpected places. With the betrayal of Vynce, his brother, and Thorne, the nemesis who wishes to kill him, he must find a way to rebuild this new government.

The story continues to build intensity until the last battle finishes. The unexpected ending and fate of the world are driven by the incredible characters created by this author.

The audible rendition was without error. Max Brown is a technically correct narrator, but I found the emotion flat in places. The voices of characters seemed to overlap, and I had to replay a couple of sections to verify which character.

I recommend this book as Matt Ward creates an exciting, believable world with multidimensional characters. I would like to read book one, though this is easily a standalone story.

About the Author

Matt Ward is a best-selling science fiction and fantasy author, entrepreneur, host the Disruptors.FM tech podcast and the #24 ranked futurist worldwide. His work focuses on the intersection of exponential technologies and the ethical issues confronting humanity in the 21st century, as do his novels, which are inspired by the cutting-edge scientists he interviews on his show.

In a past life, Matt studied Mechanical Engineering, built, and sold multiple ecommerce companies, and lived out of a backpack while traveling Southeast Asia, South America and beyond.

Today, Matt writes fast-paced science fiction, fantasy and speculative fiction technothrillers with a dystopian bent on the question: what does it mean to be human?

As a futurist, founder and blogger, Matt’s been featured in Inc., VentureBeat, Lifehacker, GigaOM and dozens of other forward-thinking publications and podcasts.

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