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***** Exposing a young one’s heart and soul —– Review by Rox Burkey

Louis Sauvain continues weaving a tapestry of the lives of four emerging sorcerers whose education continues at the Collegium Sorcerorum. Thaddeus, the first young man Master Silvestrus recruits for the college, is destined for unequaled magical powers. Thaddeus and the Daemon tie young Thaddeus’s life experiences since joining the master together in various tests of power and compassion. He learns to trust his instincts and leverage his empathy without regard to personal gain.

The world-building set in the Dark Ages is a stunning work of creativity by Mr. Sauvain. The interactions with the magical beings, such as the fairies, ghostly soldiers, Goblin Army, despicable Daemon Hordes, and more boldly test Thaddeus and his brothers in magic, Anders, Rolland, and Zoarr to their limits. Each character is developed to complement the others, ideally without wasted exchanges. Perditus, one of the Masters the four are learning from, has an evil goal that threatens the world. Readers can readily pick favorites to root for and pray fervently that the enemies will get destroyed.

Each young man is fortunate to discover their soulmate from Ludia’s girls’ school of Sorcery.  These complex relationships seem formed with bonds that will withstand the tests of time with work from both sides. The relationships of the four young apprentices with others, including my favorite Asullus provide a foundation for driving the maturation of their hearts and magic to hopefully overcome the demanding maliciousness of the evil they may face.

Non-stop action and adventure are critical elements of this coming-of-age fantasy. The vivid prose will entice the five senses, bringing fears and tears to the forefront. Emotions of love, hate, dread, and hope keep the pages turning as the power of sorcery is explored and revealed. The shifts and turns of the story with the tests presented to Thaddeus are engaging and exciting. Fans of fantasy will enjoy the immersive story even more than Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Mr. Sauvain has joined the ranks of endearing master storytellers. Thaddeus and the Daemon, Book Three, keeps readers on the edge until the unexpected ending. Waiting for Book Four will feel like forever.


Using my background in healthcare, I have always been interested in how people employ fantasy to escape their current circumstances, and sometimes, their pain. Before running to writing full-time, I knew that such a distraction could help create an ability to tolerate what might be momentarily unbearable.

A retirement loomed, there was finally time available to free creative juices that allowed my fingers to flow, creating characters, and scenes unfolding wat I hoped would become epic stories. And as they flowed, the characters spoke up, guiding how they would respond when scenarios were created. The muse on my shoulder took the form of my high school English teacher who pushed with her trusty red pencil and supported my creativity and love of words.

Now, writing epic fantasy, my books have become an allaying salve for pain, relief and escapism to abandon, for the moment, this world and embrace, for a time, another. Sometimes it’s for myself…and always for those who are just looking for a worthwhile read.

Born and bred in the Midwest, I call Wisconsin home. My reveal: Most of my ideas come in the shower when I ask my characters, “Okay, where are you going to take me today?

My challenge becomes…how to bring YOU…my readers…along so that you, too, can enjoy my path to completing each book’s storyline. To me, that’s gold.

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    2 replies to "Thaddeus and the Daemon"

    • David Sovine

      Well-regarded author Rox Burkey of the Enigma team (with co-author Charles Breakfield) shows off the sizzle and to-the-point stylish writing in her review of Louis Sauvain’s Thaddeus and the Daemon. Her carefully crafted phrases capture the heart of the 3rd book of the College of Sorcerers series in shaded tones and well thought out critique. Clearly a Master of her own oeuvre, Burkey cuts through the fluff that sometimes clouds the genre of Epic Fantasy reviews.
      What Burkey says and how she means what she says is not only informed but actually fuels the desire to dive into The Daemon to uncover the mysteries and magical quests that lie within.

      • RoxBurkey

        Hi, I am delighted you stopped by for visit. Please share this with your fans. Waiting for the start to the next Trilogy in the epic world of Louis Sauvain.

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