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Book 2 – The College of Sorcerers Trilogy

***** Non-Stop Magical Adventure ——–Review by Rox Burkey

Louis Sauvain’s three apprentice sorcerers find themselves in their first year of college, unlike any college most of us might attend. The growing boys earn long, harsh hours of kitchen duty, cultivating defense expertise and meeting their missing compass point, the prince. These coming-of-age lessons are delivered with precision by the college staff. The determined young men’s curiosity takes them into perilous situations testing their conviction and honor. These young men grow in different yet positive ways as they face the challenges in a world ripe with fantasy, greed, vengeance, evil, and magic. Thaddeus, Rolland, and Anders have unique skills and personalities to create a resounding impact in this magical epic.

With strong character development and realistic dialogue, Mr. Sauvain’s strength is seconded only to the world he created with sounds, visions, tastes, and smells that evoke every emotion and sensation. Each situation the young men encounter peels back another layer of information testing their skills, bonding, and commitment to learning their craft. The twists and turns during their journey, both inside and outside the college, immerse readers in the tale. Donkey or not, Asullus is still one of my favorites, with his sagacious advice and sassy insights into daunting situations. The cast of players is brilliant to continue this epic fantasy.

Fans of Fairy Tale Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, and Lore shouldn’t miss this tale—the non-stop action, adventure, and witty situations vests readers in the story. The world Thaddeus exists within allows him to mature in ways only hinted at in book 1, Thaddeus of Beewicke, learning about unimaginable capabilities, challenges, and perhaps boundaries he will face. I highly recommend Thaddeus and the Master and can’t wait for the next adventure. 

About the Author

Using my background in health care, I have always been interested in how people employ fantasy to escape their current circumstances; and sometimes, their pain. Before turning to writing full-time, I knew that such a distraction could help create an ability to tolerate what might be momentarily unbearable

As retirement loomed, there was finally time available to free creative juices that allowed my finger to flow, creating characters and scenes unfolding what I hoped would become epic stories. And as they flowed, the characters spoke up, guiding how they would respond when scenarios were created. The muse on my shoulder took the form of my high school English teacher who pushed me with her trusty red pencil and supported my creativity and love of words.

Now, writing epic fantasy, my books have become the salve for pain, relief and escapism to abandon, for the moment, this world and embrace, for a time, another. Sometimes it’s for myself…and always for those who are just looking for a worthwhile read.

Born and bred in the Midwest, I call Wisconsin home. My reveal: Most of my ideas come in the shower when I ask my characters, “Okay, where are you going to take me today?”

My challenge becomes…how to bring YOU…my readers…along so that you, too, can enjoy my path to completing each book’s storyline. To me, that’s gold.

-Louis Sauvain

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    2 replies to "Thaddeus and the Master"

    • Louis Sauvain

      To: Mistress Roxanne o’ Burkey Estates

      From: Asullus o’ Cobbly Knob, Esq.

      Oh, me sweet darlin’ girl, ye ha’ gone an’ overwhelm’d me quite wi’ yer recent writins’ an’ all concernin’ our second scroll o’ adventures an’ such that ye ha’ seen fit to comment on at this verra time.

      Ye see, me Master ha’ shown that which ye did most recently compose an’ I ha’ read it all through, though, ’tis true, ’tis harder to be unrollin’ a missive usin’ hooves only, I freely admits. In any way, transported I was an’ all overcome at the amazin’ things ye ha’ gone an’ committed to paper — e’en to point o’ me blushin’ an’ almost bein’ subject to the vapors.

      I canno’ think o’ any adequate way to thank ye fer all ye ha’ done on our behalfs, here, o’er time an’ especially in these kind o’ days. But it ha’ come to me old pea brain that I, meself, ha’ access to some o’ the keener minds in me world an’ surely tappin’ into all that kind o’ resource, one is bound to be able to come up wi’ some sort o’ suitable thing fer ye as a show o’ me regard an’ gratitude.

      So, when the time is right, ye’ll be on the receivin’ end o’ some work or another that this ol’ Mule ha’ contrived to honor ye wi’, no’ to mention lettin’ the folks in general, be aware o’ what kind o’ special person ye tends to be in all these lands.

      Me many thanks, once again, fer yer words an’ phrases o’ pure ambrosia, that do tend to lift this old four-footer’s heart up to the skies abo’e.

      Wi’ great affection, an’ may ye ne’er come to want fer any fruit o’ the red type.



      The Great North Tower, Northfast

      • RoxBurkey

        Thank you much for stopping by and leaving your thoughts. You made the story special.

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