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**** Frightening Destruction Barely Survivable

Author Neil Davies builds view of the world in a future destroyed by an unstoppable glacier. The power of Mother Nature to take over mankind’s creations and obliterate them with ice is terrifying. Survivors who remain in the icy city face unbelievable challenges that push them to deaths door. Some enter without a prayer. Some lose trust in all others.

The onslaught of the flowing ice from the obliterated Scotland to England abruptly changes living conditions, unless one can escape. The author does a great job of build the tension and terror with the sights, sounds, and condition driven experience. When the sounds of the ice roar there is only one choice for our main characters.  When Norman loses the hand of his wife and partner Chrissy all hope seems to go with her. Norman is pushed south and sustains serious injuries. He is forced to shore near an encampment of other survivors.

Horrifying threats of Norsement, wolves, and trolls kill the inadequately armed humans, forcing Norman to continue his journey and finding the will for survival. The obstacles Norman faces from the environmental conditions could break anyone. Many times, I felt the sensations experienced by the Norman. His survival depends on his changing his perspectives on the possibilities.

The narrator, Kevin E. Green, delivered this story interjecting some emotion. The accents were perfect. I felt it dragged in places and sounded raspy in areas that I found distracting. The overall quality was acceptable.

This is a powerful story for those who enjoy dystopian worlds that allude to hell on earth. The world building and growth of the character is a fascinating story of endurance and faith in others.

About the Author

Born in 1959, and preferring not to think too hard about it, Neil Davies writes genre fiction (mostly science fiction and horror, but he refuses to be held to that). When not writing books, he records music with his son as The 1850 Project, and paints pictures of dubious artistic merit with acrylic paints. When not creating, he likes to read books, listen to music and watch subtitled Scandinavian Noir (it started with Wallander and never stopped – and yes, he’s read the books too). A solitary animal by nature, he nevertheless lives with his long-suffering wife, two adult children and a cat. It’s just possible the cat is the sanest one of them all. For more information please visit his official website –, or find him on Facebook (nwdavies), Twitter (@nwdavies), Instagram (nwdavies) and many other social networks.

In the words of Narrator Kevin Green

I have been narrating books for many years and have completed well over 100, covering all topics from fiction to biographies. I have degrees in chemistry and information science and have worked in the scientific and technical sectors for most of my career which has given me a broad knowledge of scientific terminology. However, I am very at home with all topics from advertising sofas to narrating children’s books I am based in the North West of the UK, within easy reach of Manchester, Liverpool, and Preston.



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