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***** Terrifying Possibilities —————— By Rox Burkey

Ms. Allison Church creates a horror tale that slowly sucks you in, grabs your mind, then threatens to take your soul. The characters are terrifyingly believable. Father Donavan Pike is a young priest with high ideals and a commitment to the teachings of God. He finds himself at cross purposes to the lead priest of his assigned church and is reassigned by his regional Bishop. Through a series of stubborn presumptions, Father Pike believes he located his new parish finding it in horrible condition. He meets the current priest and the housekeeper with unimaginable results.

Good versus evil is explored in great detail, with his commitment to his vows questioned at various junctions. Father Pike’s journey takes him from a firm believer to a terror of his new reality. The details of this Occult Fiction are depicted through an excellent plot that curls the toes or changes your beliefs in the ultimate evil. Ms. Church develops believable characters in an unbelievable reality, taking you from one terror to the next with no time for listeners to catch their breath in this hair-raising alternate reality.

Mr. Brant Lancaster delivers a superb performance with a perfect pace, distinctive voices, and pauses that set the listener’s heart to racing. There are no problems with the quality of this audiobook. Fans of horror and the occult will love this plot’s imaginative turns. Wow.

About the Author

Allison Church

ALLISON CHURCH (a.k.a DONALD ALLEN KIRCH) is a Transgender Author who lives in the Midwest of the United States. She is an avid lover of horror, science fiction, and fantasy and will challenge ANYONE on her knowledge of TV “pop” culture. A die-hard fan of “Star Trek,” “Babylon 5,” and “Doctor Who,” she does not believe in the “NO Win” scenario! She LOVES everything about the Paranormal!

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About the Narrator

No additional information found. His rendition of this story — amazing.

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