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**** Evil Versus Justice – Do Tell                             Review by Rox Burkey

Author Charles W Jones is at it again in creating a world in the city of Waldgrave, beginning with an art and antiquity appraiser, Kendric. The hook, Waldgrave has a secret, was enough for me to keep turning the pages. Mr. Jones is excellent at rapidly developing characters and highlighting their flaws. For example, Jones establishes the complex make-up of Kendric early, and his aged movements are immediate visuals for the reader. This opening, combined with an unusually carved box, is exciting and continues to evolve along with the story.

However, it is the discussion, Ares, Kendric’s customer, has with a witch friend Fleur after inadvertently touching the item. My imagination took flight, and the pages turned almost by themselves.

“I guess.” Ares groaned. “Can’t you do a spell or something to push the evil out? You’re a witch, after all.”

“Cercueil de Bête were created for a reason, to contain a Fallen Angel. Anything I could possibly do would only make it angry and probably release it. So, unless you want a Fallen loose in Waldgrave, I suggest you focus your obsession on something else. Like a guillotine or St. Damascene’s severed hand.”

“I know you’re probably right. But you didn’t see this box. It’s impressive. The sun on the top was white, carved out of a black background with other stars in the sky. The side that I touched with those people dying was just as magnificent. Someone took a lot of time creating it. It just seems a waste that I don’t get to show it off.”

The interrelationships between the characters highlight a small-town interest in one another’s lives. The driven drama and excitement have the evil Amilcar at the center. The sins of people and Amilcar make this horror gripping as well as impossible to figure out in advance.

I recommend this book for fans of horror who appreciate good storytelling. The shades of believability will keep readers engaged. I am enjoying the imagination of Author Charles W Jones, you will too.

About the Author

In the words of the Charles Jones:

I grew up in a small town of five hundred people in Wyoming that everyone always pronounces wrong or spells incorrectly, Shoshoni (show show knee); I swear it’s a real place.

My first novel, Dreamwalker: The Second Plain, is LGBTQ+ as are HOME, Daughter of Illusion, and Master of Ravens, all having ties to Shoshoni. My other books include the Circus Tarot Trilogy (it’s Clowns and Tarot, what’s not to love), Hunger, Hydrangeas on the Lanai, Darkness is Coming, and The Road to Saratin. And last but not least, I have two anthology collections, An Unnamed Acquaintance and Liaisons Macabre. Oh, yeah, I currently live with my husband of twenty+ years in Colorado with our three cats, ten crested geckos, and one saltwater fish tank.

Thank you for reading Amilcar, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I want to hear your thoughts. Please, leave a review where you found Amilcar; also on Goodreads. For more information about me, check out my website, sign-up for my newsletter, or follow me on Twitter.

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    2 replies to "Amilcar: The Blythe Valley Chronicles"

    • Jan Sikes

      I am a fan of Charles Jones’ writing and have this book waiting for me on my Kindle. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about it, Rox! I know I am going to enjoy it.

      • RoxBurkey

        Jan, I am delighted you stopped by and took a read. I think his writing is good and makes horror easier for me.

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