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Blue Running

Scroll down for Giveaway! In the new Republic of Texas, guns are compulsory and nothing is forgiven. Blue Running is a gripping coming-of-age thriller set in post-secessionist Texas. A fast-paced, page-turning
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SCROLL DOWN FOR GIVEAWAY! In today’s world, law enforcement agencies across the country rely on forensic tools, DNA testing, and crime labs. But what if that technology was suddenly no longer available? No
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**** Exciting World – Unexpected Outcomes    Review by Rox Burkey On Amazon Audible and iTunes Now Wolfish is the second book in the series, but the first of Matt Ward I have
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The Road to Saratin

***** A Terrifying Dystopian World                               review by Rox Burkey Available on Amazon I had the distinct pleasure of chatting with Author Charles W Jones on this story. One of the best parts is
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The Yak Guy Project

***** Fantastical Way to be Human                       Review by Rox Burkey On Amazon Now! Author CJ Boyack builds from the foundation an alternate reality where a man gets another chance to live life. The character
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